Say It With Flowers


THE SENIORS CENTER “FLOWER TECHNIQUE” WAS EMPLOYED to win the heart of the 74-year-old manager, who has called me into her office twice to tell me that I can’t preach the Gospel, can’t pray for people and can’t help I asked my Pastor, Zac, from Hope Chapel Hermosa Beach, what I should do?

“Did you buy her flowers?”

“Uh, no….”

This week I did. I hid them behind my back and presented them to her. “Let’s start all over now that I know the rules,” I cheerfully said to her. She thanked me politely and stored them in her office.

I sat down to eat at the table with the other seniors like I do every week, but this time there was a visitor. He was a forty-year-old man who had been saved for six months and was on fire. What could I do? I had to encourage him in the Lord. We talked and shared Scripture while keeping a wary eye on the manager. I told the young believer that I’d like to pray for him. Outside.

I bussed the tables and after nearly everyone had left, I approached the manager. “How’d I do?”

“So far so good,” she replied. “But the day’s not over yet.”

I fully expect a third invitation into her office next week.

Read about the utter hypocrisy I witnessed at my next visit by clicking here.


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