Punched at the Pier!


It’s an unfortunate truth that with sharing the Gospel comes persecution; Jesus promised it implicitly: “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness…” “Blessed are you when people insult you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me…” “If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also.”
null Most believers don’t have to fear this kind of persecution because they don’t speak much about their Savior, or they are living lives so unlike Christ that if they were arrested for being a Christian, there wouldn’t be enough evidence to convict them.

A member of our evangelism team, Mike Turk (on the left), experienced first-hand what it was like to suffer a little for Jesus. Here’s his story:

It was a Friday night and I went out alone to evangelize on the Redondo Beach Pier. I met another small group of believers and we went out together to share our faith. I gave a Gospel tract to a guy who had just come out of a bar. “What is this?” he asked.

“It’s from my church.”

“It’s about God?”

“Yeah,” I replied.

“Let me tell you something about God,” he said putting his face into mine, nose to nose. “I am God!” He started talking about how rough his life was. The more he described his past, the angrier he got.

Then he hit me right in the chest!

I just stood there because I was boxed in, a wall or something was behind me, and I couldn’t back up any farther. “You believe in God?” he taunted. He hit me again in the chest, all the while saying stuff I couldn’t understand. Then he punched me a third time!

And then a fourth time for good measure. “Hey! I don’t want any problems,” I said, trying to calm the guy down. “Glad to meet you. Bye.” And that was it. I took off. I looked around for the other Christians… they had already gone.

I asked Mike if he could have taken the guy on.

“Oh yeah. He was an older gentleman, in his 40’s or 50’s. I really didn’t think about hitting him back. I was thinking: How can I get out of this?

I also asked if this incident made him want to stop sharing his faith.

“No. I was just embarrassed to go back to the pier because some people I knew saw what happened to me. My advice if this should happen to you: Don’t hit back; flee to the next city.”

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  1. Great job of keeping a level head there! God bless you for your self control!

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Pastor Steve: “I asked Mike if he could have taken this guy on.”
    Mike Turk: “Oh yeah. He was an older gentleman in his 40s or 50s.”

    Excuse me? I was in my mid-fifties when a black punk who was younger, larger, and stronger than me, tried to rob me with a gun. I disarmed him, cleaned out his clock, and sent him fleeing for his life.
    The lesson? Don’t mess with a Vietnam vet!

    Read about this incident further, in my book, “Rendezvous with Divine Destiny: The Spiritual Journey of a Vietnam Veteran,”which is my personal testimony.

  3. Can be ordered online at

  4. wow. Glad to know I am in good company. Last summer I got charged by a drunk college kid off the sidewalk into oncoming traffic.
    Not that we purposefully taunt people to get physically beaten, but know the spiritual warfare when unsaved people controlled by demonic forces meet Spirit-filled E-vangielists.

  5. It’s extremely rude to tell people they are going to suffer eternally after their deaths. I do not condone this mans reaction, although I no more agree with you handing out tracks and trying to scare everyone with the poison for which your antidote is purposed, when your the one selling the poison initially. Maybe this man should not have punched you, but atheists are more often then not, way too polite. Insult me with threats of eternal damnation and then use my angered response as proof of my fear of hell. NO! I’m not scared, I’m mad you have the audacity to tell me I will be tortured eternally. I’d make up a similar lie about what might happen to your “soul” post Mortem, gauge your response, and infer meaning upon your reactions, but we both know these types of conclusions are folly. (Deductions about your beliefs and evangilism tactics were taken from elsewhere on this site. I have not read all, but I believe I have read enough of the content to have represented your views correctly. I do however concede that your vanacular manipulation would convey the message differently to those posted lower on the intelligence quotient. But, therein lies the mass of your flock). It is a shame that intelligence and power do not necessitate benevolence, but that makes it no less true.

  6. You may moderate that if you’d like. Yours are the eyes it was meant for anyway. I know I won’t change you. That’s fine, but it makes me feel good inside to know that I expressed myself. I hope that one day we might talk face to face. I would like to see if you’re genuine or more like billy graham. Heh, although many Christians think rev. Graham is genuine. Nonetheless, do what you will with my post, just read it yourself. Please.

    Wishing you a long and happy life full of enlightenment.

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