Quotes of the Week


“Tchi, tchi, tchi… tchi, tchi, tchi… tchi, tchi, tchi.”
—The disapproving objection (sounds like “Shh, shh, shh…”) a Muslim woman made as she shook her finger at me. I told her that belief in Jesus was the only way to get to Heaven.

“You’ve got a point!”
—The conclusion of the Morman missionary who unwittingly found himself in a conversation about the deity of Jesus. I then asked him who can forgive sins. He replied, “God.” I explained that Jesus forgave the sins of the paralytic in Mark Chapter Two. Then I asked him: “How could that be?”

“I’m on the hiiiiighwaaaaaay to Hellllll!”
—A college student’s correct answer when he realized where he would end up on Judgment Day.

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