Gay Pride Parade, Pt. 1: “PRIDE” Goes Before the Fall


Note the address of the building on the right of the exit of the Pride Festival.

Fifteen evangelists considered that to be a foreshadowing of what was to come as we attempted to reach a few of the estimated 400,000 revelers attending the 39th Annual West Hollywood Pride Parade with the Gospel of Christ.

Parades are typically happy, fun, and exciting. People are carefree in celebration as they cheer their favorite float, marching band or dignitary. But what happens when a spectator cannot celebrate or shout for joy as paraders pass on by? What do you do when cannot rejoice with those who rejoice because what they are rejoicing over is gross perversion?

That was our dilemma as Christians in the midst of Sodom.

As time allows, and as I wrestle over my thoughts and attitudes about what we experienced yesterday, I will write about the unsettling nature of what it was like sharing our faith in the blackest heart of darkness.

Read about hate and prejudice in the gay community by clicking here for part 2!


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