Gay Pride Parade, Pt. 1: “PRIDE” Goes Before the Fall

Note the address of the building on the right of the exit of the Pride Festival.

Fifteen evangelists considered that to be a foreshadowing of what was to come as we attempted to reach a few of the estimated 400,000 revelers attending the 39th Annual West Hollywood Pride Parade with the Gospel of Christ.

Parades are typically happy, fun, and exciting. People are carefree in celebration as they cheer their favorite float, marching band or dignitary. But what happens when a spectator cannot celebrate or shout for joy as paraders pass on by? What do you do when cannot rejoice with those who rejoice because what they are rejoicing over is gross perversion?

That was our dilemma as Christians in the midst of Sodom.

As time allows, and as I wrestle over my thoughts and attitudes about what we experienced yesterday, I will write about the unsettling nature of what it was like sharing our faith in the blackest heart of darkness.

Read about hate and prejudice in the gay community by clicking here for part 2!

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    The envelope gets pushed further as each year passes by at the “gay pride” parades here in Ottawa. Greater number of perversions on public display; greater number of young children and teens participating in the march; and even a greater number of “Christian” representation marching for the acceptance of what God rained sulphur on so many years ago ago.

    Its getting darker out there. I’m sure your experience will reveal that sad truth when you post.

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    I wanted to go with you guys, but was in church (I think that parade was purposely on Sunday during service hours for obvious reasons) We prayed for you several times, God bless your courage. I look forward to seeing your updates!

  3. Rachael


    I agree. We saw the mayor of Los Angeles on one of the floats and many police officers participating in the parade. Even our officials are embracing gay rights.

  4. allenp


    Way to go brother! I see our Lord’s compassion toward the gay community through your team’s gospel effort at their Pride parade. I commend you and your group – all glory to King Jesus.

    A few of us have attended the local Pride Festival for the last two years (2007-2008). We pass out Leon Brown’s (Gay) tracts and engage in 1-2-1’s. The first year was ugly and I agree with you – DARK is a good way to describe what we experienced. But last year (08) was even worse. The intensity of their sin seemed to be greatly heightened compared to 2007; especially when they found out we were there.

    At one point, I stood out in the middle of a walk-way smiling and distributing the tracts. After passing out about 200 or so, I had a group of 6 or so young guys come back and get in my face. They were just plain venomous! They cursed me and threatened me bodily. The more worked up they got the more people surrounded me and the angrier they got at me. There were twenty or so angry guys/gals shouting and cursing me. The neat thing was I stayed calm and even inwardly had peace about being in this harry position. God made a way for me to duck under a few arm and slip out from the fray. Other than the guys ripping up their tracts into little pieces and throwing them in my face, I escaped totally unscathed.

    After Prop 8 being passed and upheld, I imagine that this years Pride is going to be even darker than last year. I can only imagine what you and your group endured attempting to reach out to their community. I thank God for you and your group and what your doing brother. Don’t stop!

    Did you attempt preach the gospel open air while at Pride? We’ve not tried that at ours but I bet it would be pretty hairy if we tried.

    Hey – I live up in San Luis Obispo County. If you’re up in our neck of the woods in July, you can go with us to our gay community’s Pride in the Plaza.

    I look forward to reading the other to parts of your “PRIDE” Goes Before the Fall…

  5. TommyWou


    To any closeted LGBT folks out there:

    There is nothing wrong with your sexuality, any shame you feel is just a cultural thing, you can let it go and be loved for who you are.

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      Yes, you can be loved for who you are as long as you live in this world, and given the current climate in our country, yes, you will not feel much shame in this liberalized culture that has rejected God.

      But, if you want to be loved by God and forgiven of your sins, like the sin of lying (if you’ve ever done that, then you are a liar), or stealing (ever done that?) or misused God’s name which is blasphemy, or looked with lust which Jesus calls adultery, if you’ve sinned even one time, including the sin of homosexuality, then you will be found guilty and end up in Hell.

      But God became a man in the person of Jesus Christ, suffered and dies for all your sins, was buried for three days and rose again. If you, Tommy Wou, or any other person reading this puts your trust in Christ’s finished work on the cross and turn away from your sin, then God will forgive you.

      While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

      Please Tommy, consider this. Thanks for your comments. I appreciate them. Please reply back.

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