Destination: Lakers Victory Parade


A team will be heading downtown along with an estimated 1 million people on Wednesday to celebrate with the NBA Champion Lakers. Meet at Hope Chapel at 9AM to carpool. Parade starts at 11AM. 


  1. Yeah, I’ll be going to the parade to celebrate and preach the word. The parade will start from Staples and travel south along Figueroa St. ending inside the Coliseum. Estimates range to as high as 1million people. The doors to the Coliseum will open at 9:30AM. Where there will be room for 95,000 fans.

    Do I see million dollar tracts being passed out and the gospel being preached as people wait for their heros to passby. Yes, yes. T

  2. Steve,

    Do you ever sleep? Just wondering.

  3. Paul,

    About 6-7 hours a night. I’m not going to this event due to family obligations, believe it or not. “Righteous Richard” is leading.

  4. Alright, Richard is driving. We may make it there safely! See you in the morning Bro’. Wow 1 million fans to give $million dollar bills to. Can’t wait. After the Pride Parade this parade should be lots of fun to watch. I just had to keep my eyes on the people walking past rather than the people in the parade.. I did my best to follow Richard’s advise look at faces and hands to put tracts in. So many people being so deceived. It was heart-breaking. t Although the Lakers Parade will be very different environment, there still will be thousands of lost souls bound for Hell.

    Folks reading this who cannot attend, please pray for us.

  5. Sorry Tom, I cannot attend. Its a long drive. Very long. I will pray, however. Count on it.

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