Pray for the “Reason” Rally (and a word from Ray Comfort)


I just got this in my email:

Some of you may already be aware of an enormous atheist rally scheduled for Saturday March 24 in Washington DC called the Reason Rally. There will be thousands of God haters there, so many brothers and sisters in Christ will be heading out there to proclaim the Gospel to the lost. I am asking that you lift these individuals up in prayer.

Pray for protection from spiritual darkness, pray for wisdom and pray many seeds will be planted as lots of Biblical resources will be distributed while others open air preach and share the Law and the Gospel. Please forward this to your prayer groups too.

Now a word from my friend Ray Comfort:

Apparently, atheists around the country are still putting up billboards that mock Christians. You have to feel sorry for them—by their own choice they have neither rhyme nor reason to exist. They have nothing to get out of bed for, so they pick on Christians. Another incentive is that we are a threat to their freedoms. They want to be free to fornicate, promote porn, etc., so they will fight us tooth and nail. They don’t realize the eternal consequences of sin. They don’t dare mock Muslims for fear of reprisal, but they do so with us because they know we will turn the other cheek. Christians are passive in response because we know that any necessary vengeance belongs to God, and He will repay. So never rebuke an atheist. Instead, make him backslide in his beliefs with some simple principles expounded on in our books.

* How to Know God Exists
* God Doesn’t Believe in Atheists
* Scientific Facts in the Bible
* Nothing Created Everything
* You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence


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