Pray for the “Reason” Rally (and a word from Ray Comfort)


I just got this in my email:

Some of you may already be aware of an enormous atheist rally scheduled for Saturday March 24 in Washington DC called the Reason Rally. There will be thousands of God haters there, so many brothers and sisters in Christ will be heading out there to proclaim the Gospel to the lost. I am asking that you lift these individuals up in prayer.

Pray for protection from spiritual darkness, pray for wisdom and pray many seeds will be planted as lots of Biblical resources will be distributed while others open air preach and share the Law and the Gospel. Please forward this to your prayer groups too.

Now a word from my friend Ray Comfort:

Apparently, atheists around the country are still putting up billboards that mock Christians. You have to feel sorry for them—by their own choice they have neither rhyme nor reason to exist. They have nothing to get out of bed for, so they pick on Christians. Another incentive is that we are a threat to their freedoms. They want to be free to fornicate, promote porn, etc., so they will fight us tooth and nail. They don’t realize the eternal consequences of sin. They don’t dare mock Muslims for fear of reprisal, but they do so with us because they know we will turn the other cheek. Christians are passive in response because we know that any necessary vengeance belongs to God, and He will repay. So never rebuke an atheist. Instead, make him backslide in his beliefs with some simple principles expounded on in our books.

* How to Know God Exists
* God Doesn’t Believe in Atheists
* Scientific Facts in the Bible
* Nothing Created Everything
* You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence


  1. No atheist will show up for the Reason Rally because reasonable people Repent and Believe the Gospel.

    • Except for the people who don’t.

      I really wish I could make it to the rally, if only because my favorite band is playing. But flying to the opposite end of the country isn’t in the plans for this weekend.


    • …Wait, what?

      I’ll just mark that down as a lie for “The Dog”

      Oh, and excuse me, Dog. I’ve posted a rebuttal to your asking a specific tribe in Africa that doesn’t have a concept of stealing. Thoughts? Or will you continue to run away?

  2. For the record, as I’ve mentioned many times before, I not only disagree and argue with Muslims, but I also have mocked them.

    So, I’d appreciate it if Ray never tries to speak for me or put words in my mouth, and I’ll happily offer him the same respect.

    Not holding my breath, there.

    Failed mind-reading, as always. Why do people do this?

  3. Hi Jim,

    You wrote: “You know it’s impossible to hate what you don’t believe in. Why do you keep claiming otherwise?

    I don’t want to put words in Steve’s mouth, but from past experiences he has said that he believes that we non-believers actually do believe (or, at least, know) that his God exists.

    “Suppressing the truth in unrighteousness” and all that.

  4. I can not speak for all atheists but all of the atheists I know are not God haters any more than they are leprechaun haters or unicorn haters. We are unbelievers. Ray Comfort is a deliberate liar. Also none of the atheists I know base their unbelief on a desire to promote porn or any of Comforts other accusations.

    Again I can not speak for all atheists but the ones I know fall into at least one of two categories. The ones who don’t believe because no one has ever given them credible evidence which would compell belief and those who have been given credible evidence to compell disbelief. I am both as are most of my friends. None of us hate God or any other imaginary being. Some of us hate Christianity or at least certain brands of it, we all hate bigotry and deception.

    Again why must evangelists use deception to promote your faith, do you fear truth?

  5. Marching clown pics? Hehe, we have a saying at work… paaaasssive aggressive….

  6. Oh and Ray is also a liar when he says atheists are afraid to mock Muslims. I discuss religion with muslims whenever the opportunity presents. In America they are less a presence than Christians and there are no net sites by Muslims that lie about atheists the way Christians do however in person I am more than happy to say that Islam is every bit as much a myth and fiction as Christianity. One thing to note though is that unlike Christians particularly WOTM types Muslims are much more rational and capable of reasoned discourse without resorting to straw man arguments and name calling.

    • People mock Muslims all the time, and Ray knows this, it’s just another one of his willful lies. One of Ray’s favourite people Thunderf00t is one of the driving forces of Draw Mohammed Day, and one of the regulars here Jim has burnt hundreds if not thousands of Korans.

      I wonder if Steve will ever answer ‘why do Christians lie so much’.

      Anyone else find it quite funny that Ray has to flee his own blog and now only takes cheap potshots in his weekly email send out to his sheep so that no one can rebut his lies anymore?

    • Jim do you burn Torahs and Talmuds too? How about children’s books?

    • carl,

      Does his burning or lack thereof of children’s books or other religious doctrines take away from the point that Ray Comfort was lying when he said that atheists never mock Muslims? Yes or no?

    • Jim,

      Some Jewish groups like Chabad do proselytize. I don’t think you would ever burn a Torah or a Talmud because you are afraid of being labeled an anti-Semite.

      I think the Jews have been persecuted enough but I do find it interesting that atheists tend not to target their religion the same way they target other religions like Christianity and Islam.

    • Carl, we also mock Scientology.

      As for why we don’t do it to the other religions, there are three intertwined reasons for that:

      1. We don’t run into Hindus or Sikhs or Bahais and so on anywhere as much as we run into Christians, either online or in real life.

      2. We don’t find (most) Jews and Buddhists to be annoying.

      3. We don’t usually find people of the above listed religions proselytizing to people or trying to get their beliefs taught in public schools.

      Hence, that’s why we primarily deal with Christians, Muslims, and Scientologists. In the USA and Europe, they make up the majority of religious people, and they have evangelism as a goal.

    • If I was in Israel and was dealing with Jews who claimed that God told them that certain land was theirs, then I would have an issue with them.

      For the record, I don’t burn any books, period; I don’t see the point.

    • Nohm,

      I am not for persecuting anyone, especially Jewish people. My point is that if atheism has the position that “religion is poison”, “religion ruins everything” then be fair and be critical of all religions. Some Jewish groups are just as interested in reforming society to suit their religious beliefs as some Christian and Muslim groups.

      My opinion is that people don’t want to be labeled as anti-Semetic, so they leave Judaism out of the list when they are critical of religious beliefs. That is just something I have noticed. Maybe I am wrong.

      Nohm given that you are a curious person, you might enjoy looking into Chabad and the “Noahide Laws”. Also look up “Education Day.”

      I think you might have some fun researching it if you haven’t done so already.

    • Hi Carl,

      You wrote: “My point is that if atheism has the position that “religion is poison”, “religion ruins everything”

      I’ll repeat this again: atheism is not a worldview. Therefore, it has no position. Individual atheists have positions, and they need not agree with each other.

      I know of sober atheists, straight-edge atheists, and alcoholic atheists. I know of pro-choice atheists, and pro-life atheists. I know of democrat atheists, libertarian atheists, and republican atheists. I know of pro-communism atheists and pro-capitalist atheists. I know atheists who want to save the world and I know atheists who just want to be left alone.

      Atheism is not a worldview.

      Getting back to your statement: “if atheism has the position that “religion is poison”, “religion ruins everything

      Atheism claims no such thing, nor has that position, as I described above. In addition, I personally do not think “religion is poison” and/or “religion ruins everything”; I find the first stateme to be hyperbolic and the second to be incorrectly absolute.

      From my “worldview”, individual people do these things, and religion is simply one of the many tools they have available to them.

      My issue is that religion claims truth, yet I find it incredibly dispersuasive.

      You wrote: “My point is that if atheism has the position that “religion is poison”, “religion ruins everything” then be fair and be critical of all religions.

      Although I’ve now explained that I do not hold the position you describe, I’ll claim that I am fair and critical of all religions. The issue is that there are some religions that I simply rarely have any negative interaction with. Therefore, criticisms about those religions takes a back seat because it’s simply not as interesting to me or the people I tend to talk with. If you’re interested in a discussion as to why Hindus are wrong, I can join in on that, I would just be surprised to hear you were actually interested in that.

      As another example, I don’t know anyone who’s part of Ramtha, but I certainly express criticism when “What The Bleep Is Going On” is brought up around me.

      Some Jewish groups are just as interested in reforming society to suit their religious beliefs as some Christian and Muslim groups.

      I completely agree; I have an issue with those specific groups. Having said that, I think you’ll agree that those particular Jewish groups are decidedly in the minority, especially in the US.

      My opinion is that people don’t want to be labeled as anti-Semetic, so they leave Judaism out of the list when they are critical of religious beliefs.

      I can’t speak for anyone else; I don’t leave Judaism out of the list, and I’m not worried about some random weirdo labeling me as anti-Semetic.

      That is just something I have noticed.

      I’m curious what you mean when you say “noticed”. Serious question. Have you ever heard someone say this? How can you “notice” the internal mental intentions of people?

      Nohm given that you are a curious person, you might enjoy looking into Chabad and the “Noahide Laws”. Also look up “Education Day.”

      I will check these out.

      Thank you.

    • Goog points Nohm.

  7. Definitely Pray for it, it’s the least effort you could do to counter it.

    I also love how the Reason Rally is being portrayed as an Atheist Rally, it really shows how terrified fundie Christians can be of thought when Reason = Atheism.

    • For the most part reason does = artheism or at least non religion. Worshipping imaginary beings is by definition unreasonable.

      • Christianity = Reason

        Atheism = hedonistic moral anarchy and rebellion against God

      • Hi “Dog”

        I wrote a response to your claim that I didn’t list a specific tribe when I very specifically listen the Lovedu. Actually, if you had actually read my paragraph, you’ll note that the Bantu is a region in Africa, not a tribe, so not only does this indicate you didn’t read what I researched, but you don’t care for truth. How dare you call yourself rational or realistic when in fact your fruit claims the exact opposite.

      • Dog
        You are a liar

        Atheism=lack of belief in mythology nothing else

      • Hedonism is a philosophy seperate from atheism which can be practiced by atheists or theist. I do not practice it, I practice Epicurism which implicitly rejects hedonism.

        Anarchism is also a philosophy (and political position) which is irrespective of theism it is also not a philosophy I practice being a left leaning libertarian.

        You should try to obtain a basic education before throwing around terms you do not understand.

      • Atheism can not in anyway be a rebellion against God as an atheist is unconvinced there is a God to rebel against and in my case is convinced there is not. It could be seen as a rebellion against religion, this is not automatically true but certainly possible. Again a little basic educatoin would not hurt you dog.

      • Hi Donald “The Dog”,

        You claimed: “Atheism = hedonistic moral anarchy and rebellion against God

        What methodology or process did you use to arive at this bizarre answer? Serious question.

  8. Hey everyone remember the time Ray and the living waters Raybots handed out edited Korans at Madrassas across Iran?

    Oh that never happened?

    And Ray would never do that?

    Because he’s a giant hypocrite isn’t he?

    Ah well, never miss an opportunity to insult and lie about the lost, that’s the Fruit of the Spirit.

  9. Ray Comfort is an honest God fearing man who loves atheists to much that he spends a lot of his time trying to share the Gospel with them so that they can repent and be saved by Jesus Christ.

    • No Ray is a cowardly hateful little liar who used to use atheism as a foil to draw in donations, he recently abandoned this after apparently realizing he was making a complete fool of himself. He is now using his blog to massage his ego and parade his dreadful fiction in front of his disciples who will probably pretend it isn’t the insipid hack job that it really is.

      There is no love in Ray Comfort, I followed his blog for some time and he has never shown anything but bitter mockery, hate and contempt. I have found that exposing people to Comforts venom is a useful tool for turning them away from Christianity and for that reason I returned to his forum but frankly I am glad he gave up on his evangelism towards atheists, it was exhausting.

    • And we can list his constant lies and the only thing that happens is that the Christians run away

    • My impression of Comfort is that he loves the idea that he’s a God fearing man who loves atheists, not that he actually is such a person. And honest? No, I’ve been reading his blog for years. He is not honest.

      • Perdita why waste time reading a blog of someone you don’t like?

      • Hi Carl,

        Because it’s possible to be interested in something while also not liking or approving of that thing.

        Therefore, it’s not considered to be wasted time.

        For example, I don’t like the person that Ray is, but I’m incredibly interested in him.

        Makes sense?

      • carl,

        His blog is very entertaining. For instance, I’m amused and perplexed that he seems unable to not plagiarize.

      • Atheists are drawn towards Ray Comfort because they know that he speaks the truth. On the Great Day of Judgement they will be without excuse.

      • I read Ray, or did before he turned his blog into a vanity shrine, because he is a useful tool in helping people escape religious conditioning. His very repugnance is an argument against sharing his mythology and a highly effective one. If Ray Comfort did not exist some atheist would have had to invent him. When I have convinced a young person to question their faith the first thing I would suggest is that they follow Comforts blog for a while, in every case they came away disgusted and further shaken in their superstitions.

      • Hi Donald “The Dog”,

        You wrote: “Atheists are drawn towards Ray Comfort because they know that he speaks the truth.

        Quite the opposite, actually; atheists appear to be drawn towards Ray because they’re fascinated by how dishonest he is, such as with the Crocoduck and “nothing created everything” and “I use ‘street evolution’ definition” and “oh the banana thing was always just a joke” and so on.

        Seriously, Donald, he really is fascinating to us.

        To my knowledge, though, he’s never brought a single non-believer to Christ.

      • Atheists are drawn towards Ray Comfort because they know that he speaks the truth.

        I’m also amused and perplexed by the number of people that don’t see past his righteous facade.

      • Nohm,

        Yes that makes sense.

      • perdita,

        I can see where you are coming from. My point is that I don’t read anti-Semetic, racist or graphic blogs or forums because I found the content troubling and upsetting.

      • Hi Carl,

        You wrote: “My point is that I don’t read anti-Semetic, racist or graphic blogs or forums because I found the content troubling and upsetting.

        And I agree that most people are that same way, Carl. Perdita and I, among others, are not.

        For me, “interesting” is more important than “good” or “bad”. “Interesting” supersedes “troubling and upsetting”, for me.

        My intent when I do this, Carl, is not to judge something as bad or troubling or upsetting or anything like that; my intent is to observe. Obviously, I’m not perfect about that.

        Sometimes I’m fascinated about racists. Sometimes I’m fascinated by Scientologists. Sometimes I’m fascinated by evangelicals. Sometimes it’s Muslims. It all has to do with me being interested in people who think very differently than I do.

        But I will give you a lot of credit for asking Perdita why she does what she does (although I didn’t like you poisoning the well with the “waste time” comment, because it’s not “wasting time” to people who are interested in it), instead of doing failed mind-reading.

      • My point is that I don’t read anti-Semetic, racist or graphic blogs or forums because I found the content troubling and upsetting.

        Part of it may be because I don’t take him that seriously.

      • Sorry perdita and Nohm about saying “waste time”. I didn’t mean it in a negative way. If I was doing an activity that ended up being more of an annoyance than a source of happiness and I didn’t get the results that I wanted I would feel that my time was being wasted.

      • Hi Carl,

        You wrote: “If I was doing an activity

        To clarify, my “activity” is “talk with people who think diffrerently than I do and try to understand how they think”.

        that ended up being more of an annoyance

        Fortunately, it’s not an annoyance to me. The only thing that slightly annoys me about this is that people will “run away” from my serious and honest questions.

        I accept that it happens, and so I get over it quickly.

        than a source of happiness

        It’s a source of happiness for me in a roundabout way. Exercising my curiosity makes me happy.

        and I didn’t get the results that I wanted

        I’ve found it best to keep my “wants” at a low level in general, and particularly in doing this. Having said that, I get the results I want often enough that I continue.

        I accept that my expectations will not always be met, and enjoy the results that I do get.

        I would feel that my time was being wasted.

        If I felt the same way you do about talking about religious beliefs with people who disagree with you, then I’d completely agree with your conclusion.

      • Sorry perdita and Nohm about saying “waste time”.

        Hey, no problem.

        There are some Christian bloggers that I’ve stopped reading long ago because they spew hate and ignorance. (I think the difference with Ray is that he isn’t vicious, as those bloggers are.)

        There are also some Christian bloggers that I like reading because they’re good writers with interesting ideas. You would probably think they aren’t True Christians, but they come across as people who genuinely care about others. I don’t see too much of that in evangelical blogs. Ironically, most evangelical blogs appear to be about tribalism and retaining the in-group status of it’s members.

    • I don’t understand why the atheists on this blog hate Ray Comfort so much.

      • Hi Tone,

        Maybe you should read what they say, when they explain why they dislike him.

        In short, it’s because they think he’s actively dishonest.

        I would also claim that calling it “hate” is hyperbole. “Dislike” is probably a better word, unless the person actually uses the word “hate”.

      • Hate? I wouldn’t go that far. I will say I have no respect for the man and find him untrustworthy. But he’s also very entertaining in a train-wreck sort of way.

      • The Devil has sown a seed of hatred in their hearts.

      • He is a fraudulent lying cult leader who has repeatedly told lies about atheists, insulted people for being atheists, misrepresented the atheist position, and refused to stop lying even after he has acknowledged that what he is saying is untrue. That being said I do not hate him. I have never hated anyone in my life. I hate his actions and his ideology. I pity his ignorance. I also hold his greed, profiteering and anti semetism in contempt. I do not however hate him nothing would make me happier than to see him learn the error of his ways and become a decent, honest, worthwhile person.

      • Wow Tone, if you don’t know the answer to that one, I would suggest branching out and listening to people outside the Christian bubble who have engaged him in conversation or debate, or even critical analysis of his speeches on the 700 club. He did an interview with thunderf00t awhile ago, I’d check out his youtube channel and watch some videos, there’s some stuff on Ray Comfort there. I think the biggest thing he did to anger people was add a prologue full of misinformation on Darwin and evolution to Origin of Species in an attempt to spread lies to impressionable minds. Great guy, Ray is. =)

      • Donald wrote: “The Devil has sown a seed of hatred in their hearts.

        Yeah, that… or what we explained. One or the other. 😉

      • …add a prologue full of misinformation on Darwin and evolution to Origin of Species…

        Except for the small coherent part that he re-printed without the real author’s permission or knowledge.

      • Tone,

        Two words…

        Mustache envy!

  10. All of this hatred towards Ray Comfort makes me think that Atheists have alot of anger and hate in their hearts. Ray Comfort is none of the things that the Atheists have said he is.

    • Hatred, Erikalynn?

      I think you might either be reading far too much into what people are writing, or you’re exhibiting a bit of projection.

      We have our point of view on Ray, which seems to be different than your point of view on Ray. That’s fair, and it happens.

    • Hi Steve L.,

      I also find Ray to be dishonest and willfully ignorant.

      Am I the pot calling the kettle black? If so, what do you use to make that determination?

      Where have I been dishonest or willfully ignorant?

  11. God bless Ray. I pray for Ray every day. I don’t understand why atheists have nothing better to do than hate on him. Atheists will be sorry when they have to answer for every they have done to Ray.

    • Hi May,

      You wrote,

      I don’t understand why atheists have nothing better to do than hate on him.

      Then why not actually read what they say they dislike about him? If you notice, just in this thread, people are explaining what they don’t like about him: they think he’s dishonest.

      For the record, I also think he’s dishonest, and that’s why I don’t like him as a person. But it’s also why I’m so intrigued by him.

      And really, “done to Ray”? What has anyone done to Ray?

    • Yeah, that’ll go over greatly. Under the assumption your specific deity exists:


      I’m so sorry I called Ray out for lying, and I’m sorry you had to deal with it being in your name. Maybe you wanted him to lie for your cause, but if you’d like to take a look at the blog and the overall mentality of this sociopath, you can see it was most likely to receive profits so he can live a comfy lifestyle breaching on the boardwalks of California. Oh, the trauma he must have gone through to spread your word! (Which, let’s be honest here, it was modified over and over again by man to suit political agendas.)

      Now, let’s hit the bar and shoot some pool, shall we?

      *fistbump* “

    • You sent Ray a gift. What was it?

  12. You know, it’s fascinating to me, how the “good Christians” here (and, let’s be honest, in a lot of places) use the word “hate” when they hear somebody disagrees with them.

    “I don’t believe in your idea of God” becomes “he hates God.”

    “Ray Comfort lies about atheists, doesn’t understand basic evolution, and uses Christianity to get rich and feed his own ego” becomes “he hates Ray Comfort.”

    Why this fixation on hatred? If I don’t believe that God exists, how can I “hate” him? Where would this hatred be directed?

    If I’ve never met Ray Comfort, how could I hate him? I disagree with his interpretations; I can identify places he’s lied; I find his attitude smarmy and his wilfull ignorance on even the most basic science is both stubbornly idiotic and another example of his inborn dishonesty. That’s your definition of “hatred”?

    Let’s try this. You hear about a con-artist who lies to people and steals their money. Do you hate that particular criminal, or do you find his actions distasteful? Exactly what is your definition of hatred?

    (To be honest, I don’t expect anyone will even try to answer; that seems to be the pattern when faced with uncomfortable questions. I’m looking forward to the sound of crickets here.)

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