Sudden Death: Clothing Box


(NewsCore) – A New York City woman who climbed into a clothing drop box suffocated and died inside after the box’s metal door closed on her head and trapped her Saturday, police said. Read the rest here.


  1. If having a morbid obsession with death is part of your brand of Christianity I am doubly glad to not be part of it. Even regular Christianity is something of a death cult but you seem to take it to a new and very creepy level. You seem like a nice enough guy for the most part but this fetish of yours is just….Eww.

    Frankly I am quite pleased to follow a worldview that sees death as the least of things and places a higher value on life and living it virtuously for its own sake. I can not at all comprehend how someone would require threat of torture or promise of reward simply to to treat others in an empathetic manner. Seriously if your only motivation for showing respect to your fellow man lies beyond death, why bother living at all?

  2. Jim:
    If you were to die tonight, would you go to Heaven or hell.
    Please give this some serious thought; it’s of great importance concerning time and eternity!

    Your motorcycle riding friend, Steve L.

    • Jim just because Steve L is a Christian doesn’t mean that the two of you can’t have a lot in common and be friends.

    • I would go to niether, dead people do not go places they rot. Duh?

    • Tone Brown it sounds to me that a good time was had by all. Great story.

      Steve L I don’t think Jim is looking to make friends with Christians. If he had a Christian friend that might make him reconsider his negative ideas about Christians. Too bad for Jim.

    • The Dog,

      I do apologize for taking this outside of its original thread, but the issue needs your attention.

      How exactly is ” ‘Right conduct is relative always to the human situation and morality is oriented not from any absolute standards of honesty or truth but from the social good in each situation. Conduct that promotes smooth relationships, that upholds the social structure, is good; conduct that runs counter to smooth social relationships is bad’ – from “The Lovedu of the Transvaal” by J.D. Krige and E.J Krige (1954).” not a citation?

      And again, the Inuits disprove your point on absolute and universal ethics, and you have no response to that? Debate or not, it ruins your point, so I’d expect some type of defense.

      Or, you know, pretend the point wasn’t brought up like you’ve been doing this entire time.

    • theB1ackSwan you never provided a citation that some society doesn’t have a word for stealing. The Lobedu have a word for stealing it is iba (iva).

      I never made a point about the Inuit or ethics. Someone else mentioned the Inuit.

      The only point I made is that you said some society doesn’t have a word for stealing and you have failed to provide evidence of that society.

  3. They don’t get it.

    • You’re right. You guys may want to try something that actually works.

    • Oh I get it just fine. You are all scared of death so you make up an imaginary afterlife so you can be less afraid. What I don’t get is why, there is nothing scary about death, it is literally nothing at all.

    • No, I really don’t get it. Isn’t the intent for me to think about myself and scare me into belief? That just doesn’t happen.

      First thoughts go to the victims and their families. Second thoughts are basically, “That is so weird for someone to actually look for gruesome stories to reprint. What does he get out of it?”

      And has this sort of thing ever worked? And what does the fact that you, me, and everyone else will die have to do with whether God actually exists or is just a consoling figment of the imagination?

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