Born This Way: The Blueberry-Eating Catholic Guy

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This is an interview with a student at El Camino College who was so concerned about his eternal destination he wolfed down blueberries. During the interview an Occupy protest marched on by, a school administrator looked on disapprovingly with her police escort (she later threatened to withhold our campus permit because of a complaint that we were too forceful), and an atheist shook a bottle at me. Enjoy!

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  1. OK lets see

    As he said I respect women so I have never looked lustfully

    I have never stolen even as a child but many Christians believe there is an exception for small children anyway.

    I have lied as a child so if there is no exception for children then I am a liar

    I am absolutely a blasphemer

    I also work on Sundays
    eat shellfish
    wear cotton pollyester blend slacks
    plant marigolds in the same pot as my tomatoes (excellent advice by the way)
    and when my father was being a violent abusive drunk I failed to honor him.

    So by biblical standards I am pretty guilty.

    So What? Biblical standards are nothing but the superstitions of ignorant tribesmen. Your God does not exist so can not judge.

    Here is a different standard. The one I use.

    Have I through action or negligence harmed another person and failed to seek forgiveness and make reparations?

    The answer is no, that is the good person test I care about.

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