January 6, 2020
by Steve Sanchez

The Prince of Preachers Gets Saved

On this day in 1850, my long-dead pastor, Charles Spurgeon, got saved while on his way to church during a snowstorm.

15-year-old Charles ducked into a Primitive Methodist Chapel to escape the snow and sat with a very small congregation to listen to a lay preacher who was filling in for the pastor.

Here is the story that Chuck told 280 times in his sermons:

A poor man, a shoemaker, a tailor, or something of that sort, went up into the pulpit to preach.

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January 6, 2020
by Steve Sanchez

What an Epiphany!


I was saved in a church that was founded during the Jesus Movement in the ‘70s. I went there for 22 years and was a pastor for fifteen. We were a biblically-based, solid, Evangelical church that desired to teach people to live for Christ authentically.

But, I never heard about the liturgical calendar.

The church calendar helps Christian believers to acknowledge Christ throughout the year, marking off specific seasons and days to celebrate. Apart from Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Christmas, I didn’t know any of the other special days until I came to pastor Community Church of the Hills.

Once there, I discovered the rich tradition of the other special “Holy days” of the year.

“Epiphany” is celebrated each January 6, but churches commemorated it yesterday since it was the closest Sunday to the actual date.

Epiphany celebrates the visit of the wise men to Jesus and marks the end of the twelve days of Christmas.

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December 31, 2019
by Steve Sanchez

The Great Divide

Happy New Year 2020! But why? Do you know what happened 2,020 years ago?

It’s been 2,020 years since Jesus Christ was born, that babe in the manger.

Every time you look at a coin, it’s a marker of time, a reminder that Jesus Christ came into this world to seek and to save people from their sin.

Someone said, “He has turned aside the river of ages out of its course and lifted the centuries off its hinges.”

We measure time as B.C. and A.D. Do you know what those mean?

B.C. means “Before Christ” and A.D. does not mean “After Death.” No, A.D. stands for Anno Domini, “In the year of the Lord.” It has been changed now to “The Year of Our Lord.”

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December 23, 2019
by Steve Sanchez

That Obnoxious Holiday Greeting

I WAS OFFENDED! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Was this allowed in Johnson City, Texas?
Apparently so. As far as I knew there was no law against it.

I walked up to the counter of HealthMart, our local pharmacy, and there was the most offensive, agitating, insensitive sign I ever saw. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but still, I was shocked. I called Phil the manager over to ask him about that, that…sign: “How come it says ‘Happy Holidays’? This is Johnson City. We are a Christmas town!”

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December 11, 2019
by Steve Sanchez
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Deer Hunting in Slippers

Waking up about 6:30AM Sunday morning, I put water on the stove for my coffee then went outside to throw some deer corn. After brushing my teeth, and making the java, I looked out the front window and saw two bucks about 150 yards in front of my home. Because another house was just a few hundred yards behind them, I asked the Lord to move the deer to the side of my yard where it would be clear shooting.

Walking back to my bedroom, I grabbed the .30.30 under my bed, put two bullets in it, and, still in my pajamas and slippers, saw that a seven-pointer had moved to the side eating his deer corn. Standing on the front porch again, I raised my rifle to sight him in…but he was looking straight at me, unperturbed! I asked the Lord to turn him around so that I would have a nice heart shot.

He did.

I tied a rope around his hind legs and hoisted him into the back of the church Suburban. After finishing my cup of coffee I whisked him over to one of our church members to have him field dressed. (No, I haven’t learned to do this yet.)

After he was cleaned, I went to our local processor and left him in the cooler where I’m hoping to get about 50 pounds of jerky and dry sausage.

Rushing to church, I took a quick shower, dressed—then preached the Word at our Sunday service.

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