Sweeter Than Honey


No one bothered to ask why she bought so many, but one person said with great understatement, “Perhaps she had a sweet tooth.”

The writer of Psalm 119 had a sweet tooth for the Word of God. He said that it was, “sweeter than honey to my mouth.” 

Develop a taste for it.

An old slogan for Cracker Jacks was: “The more you eat, the more you want.”

For Those in Anguish

PSALM 11:1—“In the Lord I take refuge.”

GOD HAS NEVER FAILED ME,” wrote George Mueller (1805-1898).

“Even in my greatest difficulties, heaviest trials, and deepest poverty and need…I was enabled by God’s grace to trust Him, He has always come to my aid. I delight in speaking well of His name.”

Martin Luther (1483-1546), deep in thought and needing to grasp hidden strength during a time of danger and fear in his life, was seen tracing on the table with his finger the words, “He lives! He lives!”

I’d be a basket case if I had not made the commitment to seek God first over 33 years ago.

Taking refuge in Him has allowed me to endure a failed Texas church plant in 2015 and gave me the strength to persevere when, at my next church, 2/3 of my new congregation abandoned me—including my wife.

DO IT IN THE MORNING—The Poke-in-the-Eye Devotional, 1/10/24

THE ONLY WAY ANYONE CAN TRUST GOD with all their heart is to be deliberate and disciplined in their devotions to Jesus.

Morning is best.

Yes, you can have your Quiet Time in the evening, after work, when you’re too tired, after you’ve put the kids to bed, exhausted, and after spending time with your spouse.

Then collapse into bed, read half a Proverb, and fall asleep.

No! Do it first thing.