Our 5th year dreaming at L. A. MLK Jr. Parade


I HAVE A DREAM… that multitudes of Christians would gather to share their faith at the two parades we will be attending, and that multitudes would be saved as a result of the Gospel being preached.

This Saturday we will be going to the Martin Luther King Jr. Parade in Long Beach for the the 2nd time. If you’d like to join us for this friendly event, meet us at Hope Chapel at 8am to carpool. 

And Monday will be the 5th year in a row that we visit the Kingdom Day Parade in Los Angeles! To carpool, meet at Hope Chapel at 7:30am.

Last year, I had the opportunity to preach to Hare Krishnas as they twirled and whirled, and also to the gay contingent who actually called my Gospel tracts evil.

To top it all off, I ruined my witness by getting mustard all over my hallowed preaching shirt while eating a street hot dog. Read all these 2011 adventures by clicking here.

In 2010, I was caught on-camera by ABC television while running into the parade to give out my Gospel money tracts (see below from 1:06 to 1:16). We were then rained out. Read all about it here.

Here’s a different perspective of the same incident:

In 2009, I was castigated by my Christian brethren for wearing a special event appropriate T-shirt. (I won’t be wearing it again, but will be bringing thousands of thousands of special event-appropriate Gospel tracts.) Nevertheless, I had a very good Biblical reason for donning this garb even though I had no intention of voting this way. Tony Miano joined us in this year and wore an entirely different shirt. Read this series, and the controversy by clicking here.

But when this all started in 2008, I never dreamed we would encounter such a great and friendly neighborhood as the one in the Crenshaw district. We even gave the dad of “Good Times” (remember that ’70s show?), a million dollar bill Gospel tract! Dy-noooo-miiiiite! (Read that account here.)


  1. Steve you are very photogenic. I think you should start a side business selling and modeling Christian themed t-shirts.

    I am also hoping you get your own tv show on TBN.

  2. Steve I think after you are done at the parade there will be 300 less atheists in the world.

    Much success to you.

    • In additon to the 300 less atheists there are everyday which might include the atheists who convert to Christianity because they realize that being an atheist is a really bummer.

      • Carl, have you looked at the Christian numbers in that same table?

        The Muslims are going to surpass you, if the table is correct (which it isn’t, really). By that table, the Muslim percentage increase is itself increasing each year, while the same Christian percentage is decreasing each year.

        Do you understand exactly how they calculated “300 less atheists”, and why it’s not accurate? Two years ago it was 900 more atheists per day… which again, wasn’t accurate. These are all estimations based on numbers from 1970 and 2000, with no other variables accounted for.

      • Since over 150,000 people die everyday, (some put it as high as 250,000), maybe 300 atheists die daily? That equals 300 less atheists a day.

        Works for me.

      • Works for you? Really?

        How many Christians die every day? And does it “work for you,” too?

      • That doesn’t work from a percentage stand point Steve. =)

      • Steve wrote: “Since over 150,000 people die everyday, (some put it as high as 250,000), maybe 300 atheists die daily? That equals 300 less atheists a day.

        That isn’t how they calculated it. Deaths were not taken into account in their calculations (which is only one problem).

      • These are my calculations.

  3. That’s why I don’t wear one anymore.

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