Last Graduating Class of 2011


The holidays forced me to wait until now to show the last evangelism class grads of last year, and what a class it was! I think out of the 13 who made it to the end (remember that darned 50% rule!), five or six will be faithful evangelists, that is, they will be incorporating witnessing as a regular part of their day.  

Here is one of the students (not pictured) handing out his first tracts at a parade. How hard is that?

And click here to see my ten-year-old and another student mastering this technique with joy!


  1. I was reflecting today on my time in the class and what a joy it was to be in attendance! The gospel is soooo easy to share with ANYONE and you’re never at a loss for words!
    Thanks Steve for a wonderful class!

  2. Judging by that photo everyone appears to be so happy… on the inside and on the outside…
    God bless the 13. I hope they are successful…

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