Sudden Death: Dumplings


A Ukraine dumpling-eating contest to find the person who could eat 10 of the dough balls most quickly went horribly wrong when the 77-year-old champion keeled over and died.

The winner had just won his prize, a one-liter jar of sour cream, when he began to feel ill.

“The old man got sick and fell to the ground,” an unnamed witness told Interfax news agency. Click to read the rest.


  1. Great Harvest of Unsaved Loafers!

  2. G.H.O.U.L.S = Godfearing Honest Obedient Unselfish Loving Servants… for Jesus!

    That is the group that Steve Sanchez belongs to. He is trying to show the sinner the error of his/her ways. Steve is like the lighthouse telling the wayward ship of fools, the passengers of the Good Ship Atheist that they are going to run aground if they don’t change course.

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