OMG! (Oh my Gandhi!): Redeeming Blasphemy


If you must use some sort of exclamation to express disgust, extreme excitement or disappointment, may I suggest an alternative to the standard “Oh my G-d!”

Try this: “Oh my Ghandi!” It’s only one syllable longer and will definitely turn heads. This one, too, is great: “Oh my Buddha!” You’re sure to be the life of the party with that one. When visiting Hollywood, you can always try the unwieldy, but effective, “Oh my L. Ron Hubbard!”

buddhaIn our evangelism efforts we use the Ten Commandments as God’s standard when asking people if they have sinned against him or not. If they have, then they are guilty and deserve Hell. We then explain Christ’s sacrificial death on a cross and how if one trusts in his finished work and repents of their sin, one may be saved.

One of the questions we ask a “sinner” is: Have you ever misused God’s name? Misusing His name is blasphemy and God will not hold anyone guiltless who does that. Sadly, many Christians do that all the time and are not even aware they’re doing it by using phrases such as “Oh my G-d!” or texting “OMG.”

So let’s try it. You hit your pinky with a hammer and exclaim: “Oh my Joseph Smith!” Good. Good.

Let’s try another. Someone just stole your wallet: “Oh my Longhorns!!!” (These days, sports are god to many people.) You’regod_saraswati rolling now.

Let’s try an Indian god after you stubbed your toe: “Oh my Saraswati-Ashtottara!”

If you really want to be bold, go to the middle east and shout “Oh my Muha—!” Oh, never mind. You don’t want to lose your head over that one.

If someone protests and asks you why you are using these names as exclamations, simply reply, “Because I do not want to misuse the name of my God. Have you ever misused God’s name?”

You’ll know where to go from there.


Did you know there are other variations of blasphemy? (Click here to read a very insightful article about those variations.)


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