My New Starbucks Commitment


Starbucks founder Howard Schultz made this comment recently to a shareholder: “You can sell your shares of Starbucks and buy shares in another company. Thank you very much.”

Why would ole Howard make this comment?

Because the shareholder doesn’t share the same liberal values as Mr. Schultz. According to the Washington Post:

…the shareholder in question was Thomas Strobhar, the founder of the Corporate Morality Action Center, which states that its mission is to challenge corporations on issues like gay marriage, abortion and pornography. Last year Starbucks’ endorsed a Washington state bill to legalize same-sex marriage, which prompted the National Organization for Marriage to organize a boycott of the coffee behemoth. So in last week’s meeting, Strobhar criticized Starbuck’s endorsement for hurting sales and profits in the first quarter of 2012.

Whenever possible, I prefer Peet’s coffee. It’s fresher,  more flavorful, and so much more caffeinated. Sadly, there are not as many of these franchises around, so I’m stuck with Starbucks. This is a bummer, because Alfred Peet taught Starbucks how to roast their coffee.

But I digress…

Because of Schultz’ overwhelming support for gay marriage and a host of other liberal causes, instead of boycotting Starbucks, I will hand out as many Gospel tracts as possible to the customers who frequent that establishment as well as have conversations about Jesus being the only way inside and outside the coffee house. This is more effective than arguing politics because one can only change when God changes the heart.

I put this commitment into practice recently. I handed a Gospel tract to the lady below, Paula, who has two Masters Degrees in Biblical Hebrew and a Ph.D in something else. I also got the sense that she lived an alternative lifestyle that the Starbucks’ founder would support.

After sharing the plan of salvation with her, she said that she agreed with my message, not my method.

Anyone surprised by that?

Read “The God of Starbucks” here.

Read “The Shepherd of Brokeback Mountain” here.


  1. Yeah, we’ve been on board with the Starbucks boycott for the past year or so. In Washington State, they have Starbucks, Amazon and Microsoft all trying to influence the legislature to legalize gay marriage. I’ve been pointing folks lately to this excellent article written by a group known as “The Last Civil Right:”

    • Wow this is a rather interesting blog… though I think the writer of the article is confusing modern terms like ‘Conservative’ and its use by the Republican party with name affiliation only in regards to positions that the party used to have when it came to civil rights. Changes to civil rights policies are progressive in nature, in that they represent change, whereas conservative policies pull towards tradition. If the tradition in the south had been slavery… then segregation… then bans on interracial marriage… then any real shift in those policies towards equality or fairness is by definition progressive, not conservative, unless of course the traditional stance in regards to the treatment of minorities was, in the past, having equal rights to any white American male … which it was not.

      Doctor King never went around saying that he was a conservative, what he was doing was very revolutionary in this country, it was an attack on the establishment and tradition which is what many conservatives rail against, sighting the current fight for marriage equality going on in the supreme court as we speak. He worked with a variety of people including an openly gay socialist Bayard Rustin, took inspiration from people of different religions such as Gandhi, and most of his contemporaries ended up joining the Democrat party after the Republican southern strategy lost the party the lion’s share of the African American vote.

  2. Pastor Steve,

    Excellent examples of sharing the truth in love … thanks! I’m forwarding your views to my Saturday morning men’s group, which meets at Starbucks (!) …

  3. I didn’t really like starbucks before. Now thanks to you bringing this to my attention, I like them a little more.

  4. “I also got the sense that she lived an alternative lifestyle that the Starbucks’ founder would support.”

    Go on, Steve. Explain why you got that sense. Don’t do this half-hearted: really embrace your bigotry.

      • No Steve, I wanted an explanation as to why you think she lives an “alternative lifestyle.”

      • Well, uh, you just…know! How’s that? 😉

      • Sounds like you trying to duck and weave yet again.

        Because I realize that you deal in deception like an artist deals in paints, I won’t try to pin you down and just remind you that stereotypes are bad.

      • Garrett,

        It was pertinent to my article. If the issue was Black Civil Rights and I spoke to a black man, I would mention it. If it was about fishing, and the guy was wearing plaid and was carrying a fishing pole, I’s describe him as a fisherman. So, too, there are certain mannerisms and verbal clues that would lend themselves to me describing her as such: “I also got the sense that she lived an alternative lifestyle that the Starbucks’ founder would support.”

        You will notice that I was delicate.

        Garrett, you are very sensitive when I speak about issues concerning the homosexual community. Would I be correct in identifying you as gay?

        Happy Resurrection Sunday!

      • Nope. Didn’t I tell you that stereotypes are bad?

  5. Hi, nice to see there are some questions Garrett that don’t need asking. Hope you figure that out then you can ask veterans questions. I’m sure u are a nice fella. Don’t feel bad I’ve asked silly questions too.

  6. To any closeted LGBT folks out there:

    There is nothing wrong with your sexuality, any shame you feel is just a cultural thing, you can let it go and be loved for who you are.

    • Yes, but you will not be in obedience to God’s Word, and, if you remain unrepentant, you will face God’s justice. I love you all enough to tall you this. I’m not angry with you at all, just concerned that you know the truth. Thanks! 🙂

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