I Don’t Buy Girl Scout Cookies Anymore


My heart goes out to the little girls selling Girl Scout cookies in front of Fresh ‘N Easy, but I refuse to buy any from them. Why? Girl Scouts supports Planned Parenthood and therefore, abortion rights.

Here’s an excerpt from an article detailing the practice:

There are many significant pro-life concerns about the Girl Scout organization.  Girl Scouts USA (GSUSA) collaborates with numerous organizations that promote abortion for all women, including adolescent girls.  GSUSA is the largest member organization of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), making up a quarter of its 10 million girl members worldwide and paying over 1 million dollars annually to WAGGGS based on the number of registered GSUSA members.  Through its resources, participation in international seminars and conferences, and non-formal education programs, WAGGGS actively advocates for and funds campaigns to expand reproductive/abortion rights.  Both GSUSA and WAGGGS delegates regularly participate in various UN conferences, and, as representatives of WAGGGS, advocate specifically on behalf of their 10 million girl members for the inclusion of abortion rights on the global stage.  The International Planned Parenthood Federation claims a close partnership with WAGGGS.  In the United States, regional Girl Scout councils (though not required) are permitted to partner with local Planned Parenthood affiliates.  GSUSA is also a member organization of The Coalition for Adolescent Girls, whose international and national agenda specifically supports abortion related care for adolescent girls.

If you want citations and more proof, go to 100 Questions for the Girl Scouts.


GOOD NEWS! North Dakota lawmakers Friday completed action to outlaw almost all abortions, voting to define life as beginning at conception. Read about it here.


  1. All non-profit type organizations funnel a certain amount of money into Planned Murderhood. Its nearly a Federal requirement that that do.

    • rey wrote:
      “Its nearly a Federal requirement that that do”

      Please explain “nearly” if you would.
      And… just for the record, here we go again with your sentence structure or should I say, lack of it!

      • I blame the combox for changing to to that. “Nearly” as in its not actually law, but if you don’t do it then the Democrat party creates a media firestorm sending the occupy loons to throw exrement into your buildings, and they threaten to revoke any Federal funding you are getting, and/or enact legislation specifically against you. Remember what happened to Susan G Komen? By the way, a fo your sentence structure, that should not be a comma after “just for the record.” Learn how to punctuate properly.

  2. Well, I’m sure you have nothing to do with every company or organization that supports a woman’s right to choose, correct?

  3. Yep, I’m with you! The kids know nothing about it and some parents may be innocent as well! Guess we’ll have to “clue them in” as to PP’s dastardly deeds!
    Looks like from now on I’ll get my cookies at Trader Joe’s; vanilla cream Jo Jo’s suit me just fine!

  4. Although Girl Scouts supports it doesn’t mean each individual troop talks about it. I have been in the same troop for 12 years, just finished up my last year as a Girl Scouts and we never talked about it and i know friends in other troops that also don’t affiliate with it.

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