My Hour in the Torture Room

I was looking through my “Memory Box” the other day and discovered this photo from my “other life.” I thought it apropos to post it today, the 25th anniversary of my being a Christian, because I am so far removed from that life of dissipation. This is a great reminder of what the Lord has done in my life. So, what is this photo about?

Hussongs Edited

This is when I was about 21, circa 1980, (I’m the smug grinning guy in the middle), at a bar in Ensenada, Mexico, called Hussong’s Cantina. I had too many cervezas and decided to strut my groove by dancing on a table in the bar. Suddenly, two Federales grabbed me by the shoulders and escorted me to a little back room. By God’s grace, (as I see in retrospect), a Mexican man whom I did not know followed us into the torture room and negotiated my release. (I’m standing next to one of the arresting officiales.)

Now, flash forward to 2008. I’m a Christian. And very zealous with my newly discovered gift of evangelism. Here’s another photo with a new type of “adversary”:


I led an evangelism team of thirty people into an American Indian Pow-Wow. The leader of the event was on the look-out for me as he heard rumors that our team would be there. If he caught me, I would be thrown out on my ear, I imagine.

We shared our faith all afternoon and never got caught. In fact, I sought out the organizer, shook his hand and took a photo with the man who would give me the boot. No, I never gave him my name.

Thank you Lord for saving a wretch like me! Can somebody say “Amen!”?

(Please listen to my wild ride of a testimony from my now-defunct radio show by clicking here:

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  1. Ryk


    Happy Christian anniversary Steve.

    I’m curious why you were evangelising at a pow wow. A pow wow is usually a religious observance, unless it is just for tourists. In the latter case it does seem as good a place as any, but in the former it is pretty disrespectful. It would be like a group of Satanists sneaking into your church and telling everyone to worship the devil.

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