I’m Headed to Texas!

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Finally, the time has arrived. I’m leaving Friday morning at 7:30am for Texas to plant a church. My goal is to hand out 1,000 Giant Hundred Dollar Bill Gospel Tracts along the way. (Friend me on Facebook to monitor my progress at Steve P. Sanchez)

The biggest dilemma has been trying to figure out which vehicle to drive.

This Salvation Sedan seems nice….


As does the Jesus van….jesus vanPerhaps this might be the ticket. Lots of devils in the desert.

exorcism van

I was this close to hopping into this jazzy ride….

Hay Zooz

But I ultimately decided on something very practical and a little less overbearing. What do you think?

cowbike2I will report back to you in a little while after I arrive. I have only been with my family a total of six days in the past seven weeks. I’ve got my priorities.

Please pray for me…and us!

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  1. From stonethepreacher to crazy preacher.
    Happy trails steve. Ill send u tickets to Gene autry museum 4 when you visit California

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