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As promised a few weeks back, I’m changing the focus of this blog from evangelism-only, to a broader spectrum that concerns all aspects of Christianity as it pertains to my life. This was spurred on by the call God put on my life to move to Texas—Dripping Springs of all places—to plant a church. (If you have not yet read that account, then please click here to read how all this transpired.)

This is a complete act of faith on my part since I am not sure what awaits me in southwest Texas. I’m a real Pee Wee when it comes to stepping out like this.

Nevertheless, I’m fully committed to the move. My family moved out there a month ago and I am ready to leave this Thursday, September 26.

I have so busy closing up shop down here in Hermosa Beach and saying goodbye to everyone (I’ve lived here 54 years), it’s taken some time.

If you’d like to see a preview of my new church website, please click here. It’s still under construction but you will get a feel for what I’m about to do.

Thank you for all your support…and pray for my family as we embark on this great new adventure!

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