Holy Hubert Revisited


Back in May I posted an article on Holy Hubert, a man who preached faithfully on the campus of Berkeley and was severely persecuted for his efforts. Read it here.)

“Violent reaction to Holy Hubert’s bold evangelism put him in the hospital a dozen times at California’s radical Berkeley campus. He was blinded in 1965 during a vicious attack by a mob of protesters. Twice he miraculously regained his sight, but blindness returned 18 years after the attack.
Beatings by the Black Panthers, the Hell’s Angels and the Manson family are only part of the price Hubert Lindsey has paid for preaching the Gospel to this generation.”

On occasion we are taken to task by well-meaning (yet clueless) Christians who question the value of our open air preaching efforts. I was pleasantly surprised last night to read this comment from a reader who was a persecutor of Holy Hubert in the 60’s but became a Christian as a result of his tireless efforts. Read this from Robert:

“I remember Holy Hubert Lindsay’s open air preaching on the 2400 block of Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley, California about 1966. I was a lad of 15 joining with some in the crowd throwing pennies near the feet of “Hube” in mock tribute. Now I would like to pay tribute to Hubert Lindsay for the glory of the all knowing God who awakened this kid in a big way. I am so glad our Lord used this red faced man born for controversy to reach myself and so many others during that era. It’s well recognized that there was a large scale awakening among youth for the next decade. There were plenty of others involved (does anyone remember Ray Chisholm) but few who matched the fearless preaching of Holy Hube. Thank God for this work.”

Another reminder that God’s Word never returns empty… even when the bottles that are thrown at us are.


  1. I’m just curious. Is he still alive?

  2. No. He died a few years ago. What an example, though!

  3. I used to travel with Brother Lindsey. I took care of him in North Carolina, before his death. I have some old preaching tapes of his, if interested, contact Howard at

  4. We were privileged to hear Holy Hubert preach at Lakewood Church, Houston, TX in the ’70s. It was an unforgettable experience. We have a cassette tape of his sermon.

  5. I heard him speak in the late 80’s when he was blind, and he had memorized the New Testament. He read from memory one of the chapters from the book of Romans since that was what he was speaking on.

  6. While I was stationed in Sunnyvale, CA, late 1968, I read an article about Hubert in one of the underground papers. One day I went up to Berkeley to see Telegraph Ave and strolled up to Sather Gate and found Hubert preaching, standing on some sort of concrete construction and being insulted by the crowd. I recall thinking “what’s wrong with these guys insulting someone who is trying to tell them how to be saved from their sins?” He also had a guy with him who was helping somehow, but I wasn’t sure what.
    Later on I joined up with Linda Meissner’s group and in early 1971 Hubert visited several times. He presided over Sam Mott’s wedding, and delivered a sermon that seemed to go on quite a while (Sam Mott had an interesting story in Seattle in those days, but I have lost touch with him).
    Another time I was in the Pike Place Market back when it used to be wall-to-wall people and you had to fight your way through, and Hubert was passing through the other direction, but his attention was off somewhere else entirely.
    That’s my recollection of Hubert Lindsey. I can’t comment on his doctrinal stance, but anyone who would do what he did is OK in my book. Bless your dirty heart.

  7. I remember him from the late 70s at the UF campus. I had the privilege of meeting him.

  8. In 1988…I was at a service after inviting Brother Lindsey to come to our Chapel and preach. He accepted and was accompanied by a dear sister in the Lord Cheryl Harley. Cheryl played an annointed song…Via Dolorosa. Then Brother Lindsey came to the podium and preached Christ.

    There were approx. 50-60 people there. After Brother Lindsey got into the sermon for about 10 minutes I looked around and every person there was on their knees bowed down before God. Brother Lindsey was blind and didn’t see it…but I did! The annointing was thick enough to cut it with a knife.

    Every person present that night was touched by the person and presence of the Christ that Brother Lindsey preached. It was an unforgettable service where I personally witnessed the power of Christ that was unforgettable.

    When the alter call was finally made…Brother Lindsey (who was blind at that time) reached out touched hands…and spoke to each individual that came forth personally. He always asked each individual specifically, ” Do you know in your heart that your sins are forgiven? If not Christ wants to forgive you tonight”. He ministered on that kind of personal level.

    By the Grace of God I know…miracles were wrought that night…through the Christ… Brother Lindsey preached. I testify of that service that night but Brother Lindsey’s ministry touched peoples lives by the thousands. For 72 years. this Blog testifies to such…

    Keep the testimonies for Christ coming. Brother Lindsey smiles down from Heaven.

    Rick Roehm

  9. Hubert Lindsey once stated…

    If you want to get rid of all your past sin and misconduct you have to see what Christ did for you personally…at Calvary!

    If you want of get rid of what you are…you have to see who Christ really is “now” in the Throneroom!

    Recognize Christ! Recognize His redemptive work at Calvary! Recognize His present tense power and presence from the Throneroom… in 2009!

    A tid bit from Rick Roehm at the Upper Room…Williamsburg Ohio

  10. Holy Hubert…Father of the Jesus Movement

    In 1965 God revealed to Hubert it was time to downsize the large-scale ministry that included a staff of 35 men and go to the West Coast. This was during the Viet Nam War era. Hubert obeyed God and went to California. For years he claimed he preached in Berkeley without results. He mentioned how hard times were economically. He claimed at times his efforts seemed vain as no one was giving their heart to the Lord, but he still continued with what Christ sent him to do. Then things began happening! Miracles began taking place!
    After years of hardly anyone giving their heart to Christ people began changing their minds. Hundreds began giving their hearts to Christ. Lost men and women were turning to Christ and finding Salvation through Hubert Lindsey witness for Christ. Protesters were being converted as Hubert continued in his call. That very perseverance of Hubert Lindsey and the move of the Holy Spirit on the West Coast finally broke into revival for the Glory of Christ! Drug addicts, prostitutes, homosexuals, anti-war protestors, and all walks of the human family began turning from sin and giving their hearts to Christ. Hubert proclaimed that even police officers, mayors, doctors, and high ranking government officials were also giving their hearts to Christ through this miraculous awakening. Men and women great and small were turning from sin and trusting in the Christ Holy Hubert was preaching! People were being forgiven, saved, and finding Christ through an outbreak of Holy Ghost Revival! This effectual work of the Spirit of Christ was being recognized at that time as the “Jesus Movement” and it spread like wild-fire. This mighty move of the Spirit of God was also recognized by certain religious and political figureheads.

    Among those who recognized such were the Pope of Rome and President Ronald Reagan who recognized Holy Hubert to be the Father of the Jesus Movement. Hubert stated many times throughout his life and ministry that the Pope told him personally that the Jesus Movement was the greatest move of the Spirit of God ever witnessed …since the Azusa Street Revival at the turn of the century.

    Excerpt from a narrative titled “The Walking Bible” about Holy Hubert Lindsey…Father of the Jesus Movement

    Rick Roehm

  11. As I continue to write about the life of Holy Hubert a man of God that carried the Gospel into this writer’s life…God continues to lead me back to this Blog. Here’s another excerpt from the narrative about Brother Lindsey…”The Walking Bible”.

    There are numerous people across the nation who was affected by Hubert Lindsey’s ministry for Christ. In 2002… a dear brother in Nashville, Tennessee by the name of John Alvarez told me while riding in his vehicle at work one day he was listening to one of Brother Lindsey’s audio recordings. He stepped out of the vehicle to speak with a gentleman about something work related and the gentleman overheard an audio playing in John’s player. The gentleman asked John who the preacher was and John replied, “Hubert Lindsey”. The gentleman responded, “Holy Hubert? I remember him preaching on campus in 1969 when I was attending college at Berkeley”. That gentleman remembered Hubert Lindsey and his Gospel message for Christ for almost 40 years! Ironically you can go anywhere in the U.S. and meet people that knew Brother Lindsey and his preaching endeavors! Hearts were changed by his ministry for Christ! Lives were changed by the power of the Gospel! Hubert’s preaching impacted people for the cause of Christ for 72 years!
    Since then this writer has become acquainted with people from every corner of the United States. That includes people from the East Coast to the West Coast from the Gulf of Mexico to Canada that were made conscious to Christ through Brother Lindsey’s endeavors to preach Christ. I personally recall a couple… in Odessa TX. I became acquainted with by the name of Howard and Lee Mills. They met Hubert and his wife Phoebe in the 70’s when Hubert was traveling from Berkeley to Dallas. Hubert gave the Mills’ family one of his preaching tapes that he had recorded in the earlier part of his ministry. In 2005 the Mills family contacted this writer from the Internet to obtain Hubert’s complete set of audio teachings. The Mills’ received Brother Lindsey’s teaching audios however; they still had the old original cassette that Brother Lindsey recorded and left with them while passing through Odessa in the 70’s. I was so blessed by that occurrence.
    There are many factors that made Brother Lindsey’s ministry so affective for Christ but the one that sticks out most is the fact that Hubert was in the ministry for the cause of Christ and nothing else. Hubert wasn’t in it for personal gain, or for the money, for the glory, or for a worldly position. Hubert was in it to get men to Christ and that’s all. He was in it to teach men the truth about Christ…and for no other reason!

    Rick Roehm

  12. and was severely persecuted for his efforts

    Was he put in gulag? Concentration camp? Tortured? Or did people just heap insults on the poor, poor man?

    • I saw this man preach at an anti war rally in Dolores Park in San Francisco in 1971. He stood and adressed the crowd with the need to turn to Christ. At the command from someone int the crowd to “Get him!”, he was rushed by a pack of people and dragged off. Yes, he certainly did suffer persecution and mistreatment. When I saw that as a young man on my journey to surrender to Jesus Christ, I was made aware of the serious battle between the Kingdom of God, and the kingdom of darkness. As a witness to this event, I would definitely say this man hazarded his life for Christ.

  13. An essay about Hubert was printed in “Visions from San Francisco Bay” by Czeslaw Milosz, translated by Richard Lourie The Nobel Prize winning poet, Czeslaw Milosz, was the only UC Berkeley professor to ever win a Nobel Prize in Literature.

  14. There are very few men of God that I can think of today that would give their life, time, marriage, and complete family association to the cause of Christ, especially those in Berkeley during the 60’s and 70’s. What Hubert did at Berkeley changed peoples lives because of that committment to Christ. Many of you that write on this Blog were affected by the Christ that Brother Lindsey preached about. Perhaps God was calling you then and is calling you now in 2009. Hubert Lindsey’s statement, “Turn or burn” was directed to many of you that made his aquaintance. Did you turn to Christ and recieve His mercy for your sin? If you didn’t you will burn in Hell for Eternityu? Harsh? Yes, but true? Hell’s fire is even more harsh than these words. Hells fire and Divine Judgement isn’t preached much today but should be. Hubert Lindsey, the Lord’s Servant, wasn’t afraid to tell people like you the truth Hell’s damnation and the saving power of God’s Grace. If you’d like to hear more…read our Blog for Christ, listen to various audios…Here’s one you might like…A glimpse of “Hell” by Brother Lindsey

    Rick Roehm

  15. I’m sure it’s open air time in California! What’s happening in the Berkeley area in 2010? How about on 2400 block of Telegraph? Is there anything happening there for Christ…at present? Does the light of the glorius Gospel shine down, from Heaven? Is anyone preaching the Gospel?


    On behalf of Holy Hubert…as his ministry for Christ still lives!

    Rick Roehm

  16. The unusual thing about Holy Hubert was…He had a great memory and was considered a walking Bible…but it was the way he ministered in the Spirit. He could reach the hearts of men and women with the Gospel by the Spirit of God. The ministration of the Holy Spirit was behind Brother Lindsey’s vast knowledge of the Bible. Love for humanity drove him! Many of his sermons are published on Web.

  17. Wasn’t this the man that told a young man that he was going to have a heart attack by the time he counted to 5? When Holy Hubert got to 6 the young man fell over dead? I heard this story on the radio this morning. Please someone tell me if I misheard.

  18. Brother Lindsey got alot of people to Christ during those days. Wouldn’t you agree? Was you’re life effected by that ministry?

    Please advise the readers as your testimony is something God can use as a witness to those in need.

  19. I saw him first in Union Square in SF. That was about Thanksgiving of 1966. Later we were neighbors in Berkeley. That was 1969 – 70. I lived at 2208 Rosevelt St — a place we called Doomsday House — and he lived in a triplex, the next house north.

    He was a kind man, giving me table scraps and aged (slightly spoiled) meat for the dogs that lived in Doomsday House. But he enjoyed the constant bantering he got while preaching. He called us whore mongers and men who used our body’s like women. But he enjoyed the word play as much as the hecklers enjoyed their shouted insults.

    He never converted me but I come from a long line of Southern Baptist preachers who also failed at making me a believer. When he wasn’t on his soap box yelling at the crowd we had some discussions about predestination and selection, things I remembered from my Primative Babtist background.

    He was a Bible scholar and able to defend his beliefs. He was a real part of the Sixties in the SF Bay Area, as much a part of Berkeley history as the Berkeley Barb, Country Joe & The Fish, or the People’s Park Riot. He belonged there.

  20. Holy Hubert’s fundamental doctrine was to have a clean heart by the Grace of God. He was hated, mocked, ridiculed, spat upon, and heckled by a world of unbelief and naughtiness. The people that God sent him to had dirty and filthy hearts. Holy Hubert knew these people could get it cleaned up by Christ.

    It was the effect of Christ that Holy Hubert lived and preached that got people to the saving Grace of Salvation. Holy Hubert told people they needed to have a clean heart. Holy Hubert knew Christ and preached Christ and lived for Christ. Christ took care of Holy Hubert.

    The Holy Hubert legacy lives on today as Brother Lindsey smiles down from Heaven. His endeavors for Christ in the Open Air, on the streets of California, or on the campus at Berkeley are still remembered today. His ministry lives on because Christ lives in the Spirit. Holy Hubert had time for the publican and the sinner. Holy Hubert wasn’t disturbed by the Pharisee’s, the Saducee’s, or the Scribes. Holy Hubert lived among people and broke bread with people…but never deviated from the truth and holiness behind his ministry.

    It gives me joy to write about Holy Hubert and the Christ he preached to people. It gives me joy to look forward to traveling to California, Washington, and Oregon via Internet. I’m looking forward to coming out to the West Coast someday and picking up where Holy Hubert left off. I will be contacting all of you before I come. Until then…”if we walk in the light as He is in the light we have fellowship one with another and the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin and unrighteousness”.

    Walk in the light as He is in the light…Treasure the Grace of God above all things in life. it is given to us through the face of Jesus Christ.

    Rick Roehm

  21. This testimony of Holy Hubert on the audio player is dedicated to Berkeley and the West Coast. A lot of stuff pertaining to Open Air Ministry back in the 60’s and 70’s. May it bless you all.

    Rick Roehm

  22. This testimony of Holy Hubert on the audio player is dedicated to Berkeley and the West Coast. A lot of stuff pertaining to Open Air Ministry back in the 60′s and 70′s. May it bless you all.

    Rick Roehm

  23. I probably heard Hubert preach more than anyone still alive & had quiet private talks with him in Berkeley ..even let him annoint me one day with a street Baptism. His open air ministry was not too decried in Berkeley though it would stand to reason he encountered some violence which i was unaware of . Oakland & Berkeley are even worse places to live now , violence & ganger the norm, like most American cities . I must have stood with him for over 4doz times as he preached at the foot of the Cal Campus Berkeley entrance by “hippie street” . Holy Hubert was cherished by us actually though the Hari Krishnas sometimes drowned him out . Now we live in a time where the word “Austerity” will be heard again & again as entire nations of people must face the problem of too much debt . Italy Greece Spain , Europe & the United States all face depression & zero job growth . The word of God doesn’t hae to be so long winded i used to say the Hubert when just 13yrs old , the great message of the wise was living austerely with humility & simpliity .

  24. i was in mt.view cal. 1965 down the el camino real from stanford was invited to acid party at berkley didnt go started doing drugs in 68 in okla. ended up in macalister penitentiary 73 the year of the riot don,t wait for the second ressurection you may be in hell when he comes. no more an infant of days but a child shall die 100yrs. old a sinner that dies 100 yrs. old shall be accursed . love and trust God and love everyone even your enemie Jesus does even so it aint easy thank God he didnt send me to die for you or you wouldnt have much hope peace out

  25. The only thing I know is Holy Hubert loved humanity. Thank you all for sharing your testimonies about the impact Holy Hubert had on your lives. Truly, A servant for Christ.

    God Bless you all,

  26. I heard Holy Hubert at our church in IL. He was such an inspiration to us!
    What a great man of God!
    Holy Hubert would do whatever God told him to do. When God told him to do it. And – he really didn’t care about anything else – how he looked to others – and what others thought. His only drive was to please the Lord and to communicate his love.
    Often today the Word of God is watered down by those who want to please man, rather than God. But would we like it if our doctor watered down our medicine? If he did – the results might be life- threatening.
    I am so grateful for him. God uses everyone different – but we should all speak the truth in love. And know what love means.

  27. Holy Hebert was my uncle. My mother was his sister. Nellie May Lindsey. Hebert truly lived what he preached . He was radical in his beliefs. I am so proud to say he was my uncle. He died in a nursing home. He was blind and a total invalid. My mom took care of him before he entered the nursing home. He would wake up from his nap and say, “I was just in India and over a thousands souls were won to God,” and then , would respond “Glory be His name, God is faithful.” Uncle Hubert, lived and breathed preaching the word of God. He had no wealth but he was rich in his spirit
    Denice Vickers.

    • Awesome! Thank you for telling me this!

    • I thank God for him, in 1989 he helped me to know the Lord and inspired me into the ministry.

      • Your Uncle loved me in the Lord,when i could’nt love myself.His uncompromising stand for Jesus had a great impact on the very epi-center of the Sixties..,No one could listen to,without being influenced by,this curious,powerful little man.Thank you Hubert Lyndsey.Gods prophet in Berkeley,67-?.,

    • I seen Hubert Lindsay in the late 70’s at Lakewood church, he just showed up one night and John Osteen invited him to speak. One of the most powerful messages I ever heard! Truly a man of God. I’m curious only because my husbands family are the Lindsay’s of Cook County GA, might there be a connection to your family?

  28. Holy Hubert’s legacy lives around the globe in 2014. All audios still minister today as richly as they did will Holy Hubert was still living. The ministry lives because Christ is behind it with authority. So honored to carry on what Holy Hubert started back in the 1930’s. A biography or documentary may surface someday…if God wills.

  29. Holy Hubert was “led” by God to do what he did from the age of 13. The West Coast was something that took place from the late sixties to the early seventies. Holy Hubert’s call and ministerial work in Berkeley changed many people’s course of life – as testified here at this site. May the Lord bless you all.

  30. Started noticing Hubert in 67-68,as a street kid pretty much living on “The Ave”,and elswhere in the B/A.Along with just about all the rest of the crowd,i heckled,and harrassed him almost daily,on my way to….Well,the 60’s,man.He did have attendants on site,at times,and i used to talk with these guys about what he was into.Hubert was a straight up guy,who’s conviction was so great he could not deny it.Even in the face of us.One day,while he was gettin’ ready to leave,i ingaged him in conversation.To my surprise,he turned out to be an artuculate,clear thinking VERY sane,man,who just happened to care more about my soul than anyone else walkin’ around back then..Oh yeah.,I’m a Christian today,thanks in great part to this driven mans unyielding faith and perceverance.,Jesus Loves You.Let Him give you the power to love Him back.

  31. The one true gospel is the Mashiach, Yeshua of Nazareth, died for our sins according to the scriptures (Old Testament), He was buried and He rose again the third day according to the Old Testament. (Luke 24, 1 Cor 15:1-6). I walked with Hubert for about three years at the Church of Birmingham in Detroit metro area. I preached the one true gospel that at one time Hubert might have affirmed but rejected when I knew him. I spent long hours reasoning with him, but he was unreasonable. Unfortunately whatever truth he had, he departed from his first love.

  32. I was born again listening to Hubert for 3 days on the Quad at the University of Illinois in 1978. At the time, I had been a Christian seeking Christ for two years, and I thought I was born again, but I wasn’t – I was a disciple. Listening to Hubert stand up for the gospel, literally not giving an inch, and seeing Jesus’ stubborn love and glory in him, somehow caused God’s Spirit, his life, to enter into me. I can only describe it as a deep sigh, life-long in the waiting – and I could finally breathe for the first time. It was also like a 3-day drink of water, at the end of which, I felt an equality with God – not an equality as to position or stature, but an equality of essence. The experience still brings tears of joy to my eyes, and I absolutely count it as a divine appointment. “What can make me whole again? Nothing but the blood of Jesus.” I think Hubert drank Jesus’ cup and I pray that I might do the same.

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