Those Dang Intolerant Liberals!


In light of all the political goings-on these days and the absolute division in this country, I was reminded how intolerant the left really is when you try to present ideas that are contrary to theirs.

At the “Violence Against Women” protest in Hollywood several years, I had a very heated “discussion” with Michael, who was so angry at my position on a particular subject that he called me a Nazi, then added: “You’re a right wing… right wing… right, right, right wing person!” All the while a photographer was popping her flash in my face.

Then Michael stormed off.

What opinion did I hold that bothered Michael so much? Watch this 5 minute video to find out.



  1. Thanks, Steve, for going to a hostile place for the cause of Christ, and for remaining gracious and calm while speaking the truth!

  2. The stupidity of the line of reasoning that if abortions did not exsist we would have millions of gang members on the streets.

    Lets take a time machine back to Pre 1973 before Roe Vs Wade

    Where the streets filled with gangs of homeless children????

    of course not!

    Its just another failed excuse to whitewash the truth,
    abortions happen because Children simply get in the way of the sinner’s lifestyle.

    • Great point. And why do we see gangs now, homeless now, violence against women now. All since abortion was legalized. Mike was wrong. because we have abortion we have homelessness, gangs, and violence against women.

      God has turned this Nation over: As stated in Romans chapter 1.

    • “abortions happen because Children simply get in the way of the sinner’s lifestyle.”

      I strongly disagree. The reason why the streets weren’t filled with gangs of homeless children prior to abortion is because people used more self control and had less sex prior to abortion. Abortion creates a circular problem. Its not simply that sinners get pregnant and then decide to kill the kid because it gets in their way. Its actually that sinners think ahead of time, “hey, I can go and have all the sex I want, take no precautions, use no self-control, and if I get pregnant, just have an abortion” (or from the guy’s side, “If I get her pregnant, manipulate her into getting an abortion”). Abortion first causes more sexual promiscuity and then seems to “solve” the problem of increased unwanted births that it caused to begin with….because those whores wouldn’t have been having all that sex if abortion hadn’t been an option to begin with.

      • in other words, its not just murder, not reactive murder like someone who gets angry and beats someone to death. Its premeditated murder. They decided to murder the child, or at least conceived of the possibility, before it was ever conceived.

    • Lol, this guy says “I bet you want to take all women’s rights away.” Women have “a right to chose.” Yes, women have a right to choose and I don’t want to take it away: They have a right to choose to keep their—; but they don’t have a right to kill a baby after they—-.

  3. My wife says you handled yourself in a very professional manner and that you didn’t step out of your role of being a pastor. Thank you for that.

  4. Where’s the video, did u take it down?

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