1. Happy Birthday D.D.
    My kids have gotten criticized for their faith too. On our latest comment at biblebuds, on YouTube, we are accused of brainwashing our chiuldren and drilling religious “nonsense” into their minds. We just keep on drilling.
    I know you and your dad will keep up the Good Work. The biblebuds are praying for y’all.
    In Christ
    Brian Metzger
    p.s. btw Steve I like the new name. We should be so lucky as to be considered worthy of stoning.

  2. 1) Happy Birthday DD ! God bless you.

    2) Congratulations Steve! Love the great new banner and new look! Hilarious graphics!

    Or should I say: “ROCK ON STEVE !” ? 🙂

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, guys!

  4. Happy Birthday DeeDee! From Amber and Val.

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