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The artist who designed my new blog banner is Dale Jackson, the graphic artist for Way of the Master and the designer of the “NEW” Million Dollar Bill Gospel tract.

He and his wife, Banana, (if you have ever listened to the CD, “What Hollywood Believes” by Ray Comfort, then you will know why her name is Banana),
…have a wonderful little evangelism-oriented business called “”.

You can get really cool stuff that is guaranteed to annoy atheists…


(The shirt says: “Have you no wish for others to be saved? Then you are not saved yourself. Be sure of that.”
—Charles Spurgeon)

…and false converts alike:

(This shirt says: “Could you be one of them?
On Judgment Day many who think they are Christians will be horrified to find Jesus saying he never knew them. Encourage people to examine themselves now–before it’s too late.”
Then it gives a site for the false convert to visit:

Be careful when wearing these shirts, though; you just may have to talk to someone about the things of Christ! Oh noooooo!

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