On Vacation until Monday!


My family will be taking a train to the Grand Canyon and we’ll be staying in the New Age capital, Sedona; I’ll be prepared with hundreds of Million Dollar Gospel tracts.

Here are a few of my favorite adventures from the last couple of years to keep you laughing and hopefully inspire to go out and preach the Gospel to all creation, especially to bearded hippies sitting in lotus positions on red desert rocks…

We Invaded a Jehovah’s Witness Convention!

We invaded a Jehovah’s Witness convention in 2006 and were all booted out in about 90 minutes. An elder threatened to push me down a stairwell as I shared the Gospel with him. Read it here!

Chased by Scientologists!

At an evangelism boot camp, also in 2006, I snapped a picture of some Scientologists inside their headquarters on Hollywood Blvd.—and they chased me and a friend down the block! Read the 3-part story here!

Evangelism in Communist China

Also in 2006, I took a mission trip to Communist China, where I threw caution to the wind (out of ignorance), and shared my faith as if I was in a free country. It is a 14 part report, and covers everything from techniques in the airports at LAX and in China, to the shocked guests at a wedding who may never have heard a wedding message using the 10 Commandments and Hell, to a demonized Buddhist, to salvations in a Chinese market. Start with part 1 here!

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