Them: Hey Steve! What was the name of your blog?

Me: Ev Tales dot com

Them: EB Tales dot com?

Me: No. EV Tales dot com.

Them: Oh. I got it. IVY Tales dot com.

Me: EV… E-V! Tales dot com!

Them: Ohhh. EV Tails dot com…

Me: E-V-T-A-L-E-S dot com!!! E! V! TALES! TALES! EVTALES dot com!!! Ya got it? Huh? Huh?

Them: Why did you have that dumb old name, Veggie Tales, anyways?


That’s why I changed the name of this site.

That… and because is funnier.

(If you can’t see the new design, you will have to clear the cache on your browser.)


  1. So, does this mean this site won’t be called E-vangie Tales anymore?

  2. Paul: The address for will still work, but the site name is changed. You are welcome to call it anything you want, just don’t call it late for dinner.

  3. It is funnier and easier to remember and will get around the web and the world allot more than evtales. The only thing about it is that “Stone the preacher” sounds like your asking for it. I know the title is given in sarcasm, but it could be a prophetic revelation for you Steve. The world isn’t getting any cuter. Best maybe not to ever preach where there are rocks laying around. lol!

  4. Couldn’t resist;

    Me: What’s the name of the new site?

    You: Stone the Preacher.

    Me: Slone the Reacher?

    You: No! Stone the Preacher!

    Me: What? Stallone the Preacher? When did Sly do that?


    Me: What?

    You: S-T-O-N-E THE P-R-E-A-C-H-E-R!!!!

    Me: Who? Which one?

    You: Never mind!!


    God Bless

  5. my evangie tale is on the saturday that I went out with the team to the armed forces day parade. I handed out a tract to an older white man who looked like a pretty friendly guy. Boy was I wrong. He told me that I should be ashamed of myself for handing out “religious propaganda” and that I should go _____ myself! It was kind of discouraging, but I just moved on to the next person.

  6. So, did you ever get around to changing your site’s name from that stupid “veggie tales” bit?

    Sorry, had to…

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