Gay Pride Parade, Pt. 6: “Pride” and Perdition


The attitude toward Christians and God at the 39th Annual West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade is distilled perfectly in this conversation with a gay man. He was so intent on defending his views and positions about religious people and their Creator that I couldn’t—and wouldn’t—tell him the Gospel. Why would I bother explaining how he can be saved from Hell when there was no conviction of sin, and God, in his eyes, is “a moron”? (Please start at Part 1 by clicking here.)

I had to speak loudly because behind me was the sound of war….

Click here for the conclusion: How to have the right attitude while sharing your faith in a hostile area.


  1. Thank you Steve!!

    What an awesome example on how to stay calm (after him calling God a moron), collected and keep re-directing the person back to WDJD questions.

    Also, a great job on letting the person know tight away that you were not there to talk or condemn his practice of homosexuality but kept the question focused on lust.

    Thank you so much for posting this


  2. Wow, talk about avoiding the truth. He spoke about ignorance, yet he couldn’t give a straight answer. This is so sad, thank you Steve for sharing the importance of sharing our faith to the lost. You are inspiring! God bless…

  3. As always Steve, you show other Christians the definition of love for our fellow man – especially when that fellow man clearly hates God by his words.

    As Wayne said, excellent job in staying on task and showing this man that he’s destined for Hell for breaking God’s laws even though he thought you were ‘goofy’. 🙂

    Keep up the great work you do for the glory of God! (and it was a pleasure meeting you at AA #9!)


  4. All of these posts from the gay parade are so important because they show just how far deception can go because of SIN, and how sin hardens a heart against God because of His Laws, and also just how important it is that we be there for them to share the Light because light is always seen brightest in the darkest places. It’s painful to watch, but so needful.

  5. Great attitude Steve. This poor soul was just so self-righteous and obviously he thinks he can “earn” his way into heaven by his good deeds. I hope his heart hasn’t become too hardened and that he will think about this conversation and realize that he’s guilty (just as we all are) and think about where he will end up. Bless you for your kind efforts!

  6. Steve, wow you must have had to be so focused and centered on what needed to be said and not on what you may have been thinking or would rather have said. Does that just come with tons of practice or do you just love lost people that much. Oh Lord, please help me to love people that much. God bless you.

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