Gay Pride Parade, Pt. 3: “Pride” and “Tolerance”


How tolerant was the gay community toward the 15 evangelists who attended their Gay Pride Parade in West Hollywood? Not very. Even though we were determined to be friendly, kind, loving and winsome in our attitudes toward this group, you’ll see by the comments below that they don’t necessarily practice “tolerance” as much as they preach it. Read some of the nasty comments below, relayed to me by a few members of our evangelism team. (Start at part 1 by clicking here.)

Ed Lee sent me this random sampling of what was said to him as he shared his faith one-to-one and handed out Gospel tracts:

“Is that some kind of Jesus sh*t? Get that Jesus sh*t away from me!”

“Give me a few more of these so I can wipe my a** with them.”

“Do you have a Bible?  Give it to me so I can wipe my a** with it too!”

“Your propaganda is disgusting!”

“More murder has been committed in the name of Christianity than by anyone else!”

“Do you think Jesus would be condemning us the way you are?”

Jesus loves us just the way were are!”

“Jesus created us this way.”

Ed adds, “Although I would not say that these comments were representative of the majority, they were not uncommon.”

Rachael Liebregt remembered these experiences as she ministered alongside her husband Dennis:

One group of about six girls stood away from Dennis and I, staring at us and talking about us. Finally, one girl mustered the strength to walk over and throw the tract that I handed to her back at me. The wind blew it back to her, and then it fell near my feet as she walked off. Shortly afterwards the group dispersed.

I had one lady walked up to me, hold out her hand for a pink equality tract, and once she got it, ripped it up, threw it at me, and walked away.

Two women attacked me as I was minding my own business passing out tracts. I never said a word to them, yet one said that I was being judgmental. I tried to talk to her for a while but it went nowhere; she didn’t like the “Gay Equality” tracts.. She asked me all the questions that you had warned us about: “How did you vote on Prop 8?” I told her that she voted her conscience and I voted my own. She replied, “No I did not vote my conscience; I voted what was RIGHT. Are you a lesbian? Is your husband gay? God is love and you are judgmental!”

Dennis Liebregt, Rachael’s husband, had a few touchy experiences himself:

Well one guy I tried to witness to asked me if I was gay, bi or heterosexual?  When I said hetero he walked off without another word. Another guy came up and grabbed my upper arm and said, “You have beautiful eyes.” I got smacked on my butt by some drunk walking by the crowded bars with those stupid love paddle things. And one guy slapped the tract out of my hand which I tried handing to him.

Dennis adds, “The things we endure for the love of Christ huh? All in all, we had a very blessed time, however, just so sad to see. How much more does God see. God please have mercy on us.”

In part 4, see for yourself the worst offense of all by clicking here!


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