Famous Lost Words: WOTM Watchdog


null Can you believe it? There is a website that is “an international group of concerned freethinkers who are dedicated to exposing the hypocrisies, logical fallacies, and outright lies employed by “Way of the Master” and its affiliated ministries.”

Pretty darn silly, er, foolish.

‘Nuff said.

You can check it out by clicking here, but why?


  1. Hi David…Just wondering if I could call you up for one more sling at wanna-be-giant mocker of sorts. He calls himself ‘Wotmwatchdog’ and, well, he’s not as big as he claims to be and he is really too small in mind to be any kind of real threat to us and all. He’s more like a pesky fly buzzing around your face as you’re trying to talk to someone, if ya know what I mean.

    Just thought since ya got 4 leftover stones from your Goliath ordeal you could…Oh, on second thought, don’t bother. I can do it myself. I’m not good with a sling or anything like that so I’ll just go fetch my fly-swatter. Thanks anyway!

  2. I’m afraid you supplied the wrong URL for the site. We may be small in comparison to Way of the Master but we’re still at the top of page two when the ministry name is Googled. You are always welcome in our forums section.

  3. Thanks! I made the correction. I look forward to posting more of your amusing stuff in the future. Usually I post atheist stuff on Wednesdays under the category, “Famous Lost Words.”

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