Famous Lost Words: Bill Maher


Bill Maher, host of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher said this:

“I preach the gospel of ‘I don’t know.’ And I think people have had, you know, so many religious movies, they’ve had the Passion of the Christ and they’ve had The Robe and The Ten Commandments. Isn’t there time for one, for the tens of millions of people who are rationalists who think like I do and who are afraid that the Sarah Palins of the world are going to be taking over? We’ve had eight years of George Bush and a faith-based administration. We can’t afford another.”
—From an interview with Harry Smith, during an appearance on The Early Show on CBS, 9/29/08

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“It’s a pet peeve of mine, because I’m confronted with this notion that ‘Oh yes, you only go after the extremists, and by doing that you make religion look silly.’ ” Anyone who’s religious is extremist. See, we’re just used to religion. It’s like what Matthew Arnold said about a tree. It’s not that there are no miracles. A tree is a miracle. You’re just used to it. And conversely religion is something we’re just used to. So the notion that God had a son, that he’s a single parent, and the son went on a suicide mission, and you’re drinking his blood on Sunday, that a man lived inside a whale and that the earth is 5,000 years old — all the essentials of religion that are in the Bible or the Koran — we’re used to them. But it doesn’t mean they’re not crazy, doesn’t mean they’re not ridiculous. And so to be religious at all is to be an extremist, is to be irrational.”


  1. Maher does not preach a gospel of “I don’t know”. Maher preaches a gospel of “I DO KNOW and I vehemently reject, despise, detest, dislike and hate God with an indescribable passion”.

  2. I am concerned for the Bill Maher’s of this world, but what he said here, in part, is so true: the world has become used to religion – especially Christianity. Look at the first century – the disciples of that time had the power of God working in and thru them. That is why they performed miracles; that is why they converted thousands of people at a time. This power came from becoming of one mind and one body with other believers, with Christ. If the “church” of today were truly of one mind, body, purpose (God’s purpose), it too would be showing the power and glory that is of God. It saddens me that so many people in SouthBay now refer to this part of God’s body as “those million dollar people”. Instead, they should be talking about CHRIST! How these followers of Christ help in the community and how they love one another. Just like people talked about the first century church. The true power of God will always stand out / set apart those who manifest same. That, my friend, you can not get used to. If the body of Christ truly manifested such power and glory of God, the Bill Maher’s of this world would go to their knees in trembling awe of their Creator.

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