E-VANGIE VIDEO to Debut Next Week


A new feature starting next week will be E-vangie Video. Not only will you be able to read about evangelistic adventures, you’ll see them too! As a test I posted a video of an interview I had with a lesbian on YouTube. I posted it with the tags: Evangelism, Witnessing, Lesbian, Gay & Homosexual. This video got sent to gay subscribers who list as their preference the aforementioned categories. Here’s a comment I received the next day from an angry viewer (remember, I use the 10 commandments as my main weapon when sharing my faith. I never had to address the person’s sexuality, nor did I judge them), still, this person got very perturbed:

“Are you kidding? By your standards, YOUR STANDARDS, no one would ever get to heaven. Cuz really pastor Steve, you’ve never lied… ever? Or is the PERFECTION only required only after you’re saved? Funny what people can do with words when you’re practiced and able catch people off guard. You’re playing with words and manipulating people’s fears Stevie. See you in hell.”

Hopefully, this video will be up on Monday, right here. Stay tuned!


  1. wow, this person really doesn’t understand at all what you were doing.

  2. Actually, I think they do understand what Steve is doing and that’s why they’re so mad. The standards they mention (The Ten Commandments) are not Steve’s standards, they are God’s standards. And they are absolutely correct that by God’s standards, no one will get to heaven. That is why God gave His Son as a sacrifice for our sin. People want so much to believe that there is another way!

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