EV Tips: Decisions, Decisions


In American Christianity there is a great emphasis on “getting decisions” for Christ when evangelizing. This puts the pressure on the person sharing their faith to get as many decisions as possible without regard for the “sinner’s” heart. Many people will say the “sinner’s prayer”, walk down an aisle, raise a little hand, do a little dance—and get saved tonight, yeaaaah, get saved tonight!

These questions should arise: Are they really saved? Was there any repentance? Were they forced into a decision?

If there were as many Christians as the media says there are, do you think we would have over 45 million abortions a year? Would we tolerate state sanctioned prayerless in schools? Would there be the level of godlessness that we see in this nation?

We have a nation of false converts.

These people prayed a prayer and bought into the man-centered Gospel that says “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life;” people who made a “decision” for Christ, but didn’t count the cost; people who raised their hands while the lights were low and the piano played , but never repented of their wickedness.

So what is an evangelist to do?

Trust that it is God who does the saving and that He saves to the “uttermost.” We get to play the part of a seed-sower or a waterer, but it’s God who causes people to get saved.

I like to look at it this way: I lead everyone to the Lord everytime I talk about Christ, AND I always get a decision. When I talk about Jesus I lead them to the Savior, and they make a decision to follow Him or not.


  1. Hmm….interesting. And how true, that even in the littlest conversations someone can reject Christ and what you are saying or follow up on it. Those are actually very encouraging words by Darrel!

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