E-vangie Tales # 79: Fakers


Fakers. They say they are Christians, but exhibit behavior and habits foreign to the likeness of Christ. I run into these people all the time as I share my faith daily—and I’m always taken aback. At the risk of sounding judgmental I will now introduce you to some of these poseurs. And no, that is not a splinter in my eye…

The blonde surfer guy didn’t answer my questions very coherently because he admitted to being hung over—at two in the afternoon! As I talked with him about sin and judgment he said, “Hey! You’re preachin’ to the choir,” as he pulled out a Gospel tract that said, “Smile. Jesus loves you.”

“You’re a Christian and you’re hung over?” I asked in disbelief.

“Hey man, no one’s perfect.”
No church for Howard. He doesn’t believe in denominations, or as he put it, “Divisions.” He has his own little Bible study group though. He knew Scripture too, lots of Scripture. I listened for ten minutes as he gave his opinions on, well, just about everything Christian. I kept silent and nodded my head in an understanding way, but rolled my eyes inwardly.
Billy stood outside Home Depot taking his break. He admitted to being a liar and a thief, but not an adulterer. “I’m legally blind; I can’t lust.”

He said he was born-again, yet hadn’t attended a church in five months. Before leaving I asked him, “You don’t work the hand saw do you?”

“Yep,” he replied.
“I lie all the time,” the young man said, but he was going to Heaven because, “I’m a Christian.”

I couldn’t hide my astonishment. “You’re a Christian and you lie all the time?”
Are these people saved? That’s not for me to decide. The wheat and tares grow together. The good fish and bad fish swim together. In the meantime, I’ll encourage the shallow ground hearers to go deeper, walk straighter, and cling more closely to the Savior, teaching them to obey everything Jesus commanded.
Georgette and Charlene asked me for directions to the local casino. I gave them each a million dollar bill and asked where they would go if they died today, Heaven or Hell?

“Heaven. Because I’m saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Spirit.”

“And you’re going gambling?” I asked without astonishment.

They both let out a too loud, embarrassed laugh. “Maybe God is telling us something.”

“Uh maybe—” Silence.

“We’re just playing the penny slots.” A pause. “We know the Lord provides.”

I didn’t say a word; I just smiled.

“And we tithe…”

I broke through the awkwardness with an offer, “Let me pray for you to win.”

“Okay. Okay. Ha, ha, ha, ha. Maybe we need to turn around.”
Now back to me. Yes, as a matter of fact, that is a telephone pole in my cornea.

“Jesus replied, ‘If you love me, you will obey what I command.’” (John 14:15)

-Steve Sanchez


  1. I don’t like not being able to tell if people are saved or not. I wish the unsaved would wear a sign or something…..and i don’t like people who say they are Christians but don’t act like it. Either be a full-fledged, completly devoted Christian or don’t be!! But don’t pick and choose which commands you’ll obey. And please don’t consider some sins less than others simply because our society precieves them that way. If you’re not going to murder, please don’t lie.
    Anyways….sorry for the vent. I have a habit of trying to figure out which people are lost and which are saved, cause i want to work on the lost…..but sometimes i inadvertantly end up judgeing them. Does that make sense?

  2. When I read about cases of the lukewarm or cold Christian, I’m somehow reminded about the need to live the Gospel at all times to all people. One of the craziest objections to evangelism, IMO, is that one isn’t reaching the lost, but rather “stealing sheep.” (usually coming from mainline liberal churches, for what it’s worth) Witness to me even if you’re absolutely sure I’m saved!

    (had a wonderful lunch with a gentleman Tuesday along those lines….pretty sure both of us are saved, but yet it’s important to emphasize that which can save us!)

  3. Since taking up the evangelism call, I find myself more judgmental than ever–and I have to repent frequently. I wrote this on behalf of all who belong to J.A. (Judgmental Anonymous)

  4. The sad fact is that for the last 30 years, a watered-down gospel has produced watered-down believers. We have been making converts and NOT disciples.

    Not only are we at a record number low of believers (this current generation [millennials], if not changed, will be 4% Christian; but we have “raised” a bunch of church goers who are statistically (read: morally, ethically) no different than unbelievers…

    Only God knows who’s TRULY saved, but I believe we are to judge a tree by it’s fruit… Change is a gospel necessity! I could list a bunch of Scriptures that tell us “how we should then live…”

    1 John 2:6
    “…the one who says he abides in Him ought himself to walk in the same manner as He walked.”

  5. I totally agree with Doug and thank him for his response! It has started me thinking along new lines (well, actually old lines, if you go back to Paul’s day) with reference to sharing the gospel with others. Back in the 80’s realizing how wide spread lukewarmness was among churches/the body of Christ, coined the phrase “designer churches”. I had visited a few – and even those who “acted” with unbelievable antics in the church and thot they were of God fell short in the fruit department. People like “designer churches” because then they can keep their favorite flesh habit while making changes that do not require sacrifice. Today ignorance abounds but we should rejoice that the young are hungry and looking for substantial food. It is up to us to provide it! Sounds like a commercial for Children’s Church, doesn’t it? Did it work??

  6. I appreaciate your admitance to being judgemental. We all have our own salvation to work out ,and it is a work in progress with our Lord. If we become judgmental and self righteous than we’re losing souls .We all have good and bad days. Or maybe good years and not so good years. Thank God He loves us where we are at and continues to never leave or forsake us. We must have mercy and grace for those who struggle with passion for Christ ,not judgement.

  7. Very true Carmel. But oh how easy it is to consider yourself better than some….

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