Da Vinci and Da Devil


I’m going to see the Da Vinci Code and I’ve just recently bought the book. Why? Why would a Christian—a pastor even—do such a thing? Why would I support such a demonically inspired enterprise? Because I want to be informed about what the book says so I can defend my faith with unbelievers. It’s that salt and light thing, y’know?

I bought the book at Costco for about four bucks. Dan Brown won’t see too much profit from my purchase. And I plan on seeing the movie after the initial two weeks of its debut so the grosses won’t be inflated by my patronage of the movie. Also, I will go to the matinee and bring a coupon. Again, to minimize Dan Brown’s profit points.

I will not protest and add fuel to the media fire. I will not boycott and be ignorant of the controversy. I will give out million dollar bills when I talk to movie-goers and ask if they will go to Heaven or Hell when they die.

-Steve Sanchez


  1. Steve, what a great idea … I agree that we need to be aware of what the book and/or movie is about so we can talk about it. Talking about the book/movie could be a perfect lead in to the million dollar question.

    Mike …

  2. I also have Da Vinci $10,000 bills. Everyone loves them too!

  3. Well, I would have not thought of it in that way. I looked at it for the place of not giving any money or time to such information that is false. Though I have not read the book, I will ask my friend who has the book if I may read it. Again, Steve, not giving much $$ to Dan Brown. Also, I may look at going to the movie with my husband, on a date nite, then we can discuss how we will share this with all that we come into contact with, friends, family, etc.

    Thanks for the great idea.

    Jamie Boykin-Cappello

  4. Better idea, Jamie. Yeah…borrow the book! Just don’t sneak into the theatre (8th Commandment) And discuss it w/hubby…

  5. Hey Steve,

    There is also a great idea going around that people go to see “Over the hedge” this weekend so as to not only “not see” Davinci, but to minimize the gross that they get and put another movie (OTH) into first place for the weekend… making Davinci the 2nd place movie! Insult to injury! ; )

  6. I bought and read the book a few yrs back and felt uneasy about it. I ended up throwing it in the trash. It did start me thinking about my own beliefs and what to tell others who read the book if a discussion ever insued. Upon hearing the idea of boycotting, I was reminded of two things: our fight is not against the movie, movie makers, Hellywood or any of that. It is against the powers of darkness that have a stranglehold especially on the entertainment industry of this and other countries. Therefore, our real response should be that specified in Eph 6:10-18. Also, even out of the worst evil one can possibly imagine God can bring about good. This movie is stirring up so much controversy, that the name of Jesus Christ could even reach into the darkest corners of Islam, where the mention of his name is forbidden or has not been heard. I had no plans to waste money on the movie (and Steve’s idea is one I would use should that change). God is welcome to change that plan at any time as He has done in the past. Another idea would be to wait for the DVD or video, buy one copy and have a church showing and discussion. That might be a little late tho.

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