Fun w/ Millions: The Stampede


I was on the sidewalk doing some weeding in the dirt garden that surrounds the perimeter of our house when I saw them coming! In the distance were a large herd of, uh, something—headed my way wearing red and white. Upon closer inspection I noticed the Redondo Beach High School track team ready and willing to run me over. And they were coming fast. I jumped up, ran to my car and grabbed a wad of million-dollar bills—just in a nick of time too. I handed out nearly fifty to the panting and sweaty runners who whooped and yelled as they waved their Gospel-tracts with delight while disappearing into the distance. -Steve Sanchez


  1. HAHAHA!! This gave me a great visual Steve! You’re so funny….

  2. Thanks Jessica! Do you go to Hope Chapel? How did you find this blog?

  3. hehehe…yes, i go to Hope on Saterday nights. You’ve met me silly, you just don’t remember me. Can i just say i love this blog and i love your preaching style?! You make me laugh. 🙂

  4. Way to go Steve. You are at the greatest location, reaching out to our upcoming young adults. Even if one person gets the love of Jesus, then we have won over a new believer. The angels will be singing praises in heaven. As the sower (Steve), now we have to pray for the seed to be watered.


    Jamie Boykin-Cappello

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