E-vangie Tales #47 Eat At Chongs!


I’m continuing to work on my relationship with Andy, the manager at Chong’s next to Hope Chapel… (To get the background on this story read #38, #39 and #40)
This is what happened a few weeks ago:

I went into Chong’s after missing a week and saw three, count ‘em, three guys standing behind the buffet counter with nothin’ to do – and Andy!

“How are you Steve?” Andy asked cheerfully, “I thought you were dead!”

“No. I’m still here,” I said. ”Did you know that you are famous?”

“Noooooooooooo,” Andy replied with mock astonishment.

“Yes. Everyone at Hope Chapel knows you.” I then turned my attention to the three guys with nothin’ to do; there was a Newbee named Patrick. “Okay, who’s going to give me the largest portion?” I inquired.

Everyone pointed to the new guy.

“Serve it big, dude,” I said authoritatively.

“For a tip I’ll do anything,” Patrick replied with some Gen-X ‘tude.

“I’ll give you a tip,” I said enticingly, “Want to hear it?” (I wanted to say, “Don’t breathe underwater,” but he was too quick.)

“Only if it’s green,” Patrick said as he served up my order.

Andy interrupted our little repartee party, “When are we going to church, Steve?”

“Huh?” I was dumbfounded; I didn’t know what to say.

“What do I have to do to go to church?” Andy persisted.

“Nothing,” I said, “In fact, I’ll buy you dinner.”

Patrick snorted, “Here at Chong’s?”

“No,” I said a little defensively, “Wherever.”

“You mean I don’t have to speak on the stage or anything?” Andy asked.

“No, when you come you can just sit in the back, that’s cool. I’ll talk to you more about it.”

“Okay,” he agreed.

Patrick put a free eggroll in my bag; I tipped him a dollar. Then he pointed toward Hope Chapel and asked, “You work over there?”

“Yes, I’m a Pastor. Have you ever attended?

“On occasion.”

I went to Chong’s again last week and was quite curious. “Andy, can I ask you a deep personal question? I really have to know something.”

“What’s that Steve?” Andy replied.

“Why do you give such small portions?” I said with a wink.

Andy gave me an unexpected answer, “If I leave you hungry, you will know how hungry people feel. My boss always says, ‘Andy, if you save me a little, it saves me a lot.’”

We both had a good laugh. And not a word was spoken about Jesus.


When you go to Chong’s, say to Andy, “Hey Andy, you’re famous!” He’ll get a kick out of it. I’m sure he’ll be coming to Hope Chapel soon.

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