E-vangie Tales #46 The Man at the Well


I grabbed my five-gallon container and brought it over to the Crystal Water vending machine. After checking to see when it was last serviced, I wondered if the date was really truthful and tried not to think of the bacteria factor.
Another man was doing the same thing.

I doubt that he was thinking whether a mouse or water bug could get up the faucet but I tried not to think about that too.

I also tried not to think about giving the Gospel to this person because I didn’t know what to say and I just wanted to get my water and go.

The bottles filled, his and mine. Is that something floating in the water? I tried not to think about it. The silence was interminable.

I stood with my hands in my pockets and looked down at my feet. I really should say something; this is a golden opportunity. Oh darn, here comes someone else! I took the plunge…“After we fill these up we’re just going to have to fill them again,” I said lamely.

“Yup,” he said, “My family goes through a couple of these a week.”

“Jesus said that when we drink of His living water, we’d never thirst again…if we give our lives to Him.”

More awkward silence as the man thought about what he heard.

Then he spoke up, “And you don’t have to put a quarter in!”


Have you ever been in one of those awkward moments when you felt that you should share the Good News of Jesus but were a little intimidated? What happened?

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