E-vangie Tales #2 The Man Half Paralysed for 20 Years and My Daughter Offends the Supercutter


Dear Faithful Friends,

Over the last few weeks I’ve taken my daughters to Veterans Park in the mornings so my wife can have a little alone time. They play and I spend some time in the Word.

Last Thursday morning there were a lot of distractions and I had trouble reading without interruptions (potty breaks, daughter throws up from spinning around too much, food needs, etc.). So needless to say, I was a bit bothered when the apparently homeless man started to dig for bottles in the trash can next to me, while I was spending time with my God.

He looks at me and says “That’s a good book you’re reading.”

“Yeah,” I reply. Then God reminded me of my calling. “Excuse me, can I ask you a question?

“Sure,” he replies.

I ask him, “If you were to die would you go to Heaven or Hell?”

Then he throws me for a loop and answers in the reverse! “I’d go to Hell.”

” Why?” I continue.

“Because I’ve been a bad person”.

So I tell him the Gospel and let him know that he can’t be so bad that God would not forgive him. Then the close, ” Would you like to accept Jesus now as your Lord and Savior?”

He wants to, so I invite him to sit with me and I explain repentance and what it means to be “born-again” by opening up my Bible and turning to John 3:3.

He understands. We pray. John Gibbs then proceeds to tell me he has 2 daughters as he watches mine play. They are both 16 but don’t talk to him anymore. His wife recently left him because he was sent to jail for a week. He lost everything on a drug bust.

I’m literally fighting back tears and offer him the rest of the bread we had bought at the Farmer’s Market along with a basket of strawberries and an apple.

I gave him a “Passion-Tract”, told him he can get free food at our church, invited him to service and that he should ask for me so I can give him a Bible. I ended up annointing him with oil so that the 20 year paralysis on his right side might be healed.

Praise God!!!


At Supercuts on Friday, in the middle of my haircut, my 4 year old D.D. asks Barbara, the hairstylist, if she knew Jesus .

(During haircuts, I like to wait until the end because I hate long uncomfortable silences).

D.D. then asks if she was going to Heaven, then asked how she knew that! I was stuck. I had to follow my daughters lead and then had to endure an uncomfortable silence because Barbara wasn’t talking after this.

I wonder if shoe polish will cover the razor-induced bald spot behind my left ear?(kidding!).

By: Pastor Steve Sanchez

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