E-vangie Tales #3 The $1 Offer


Hi Everybody,

Telling the Gospel to people can be fun with the right crowd. I like to periodically offer the $1.00 challenge…

I was in Subway getting some sandwiches for my kids on Mother’s Day, when I noticed that their were no customers, so I asked the 3 service people behind the counter if they would like to win a dollar by answering 3 questions correctly. They all eagerly said yes.

So I asked the sure-fire standard: “According to the Bible, if you were to die right now, would you go to Heaven or Hell? And why?

Person #1:”Heaven, cause it’s better than Hell!”
Person #2: “Hell, because I’ve been bad.”
Person #3: “Heaven, because I am a good person.”

I then explained that God doesn’t judge you on the basis of whether you are good or bad but on the basis of whether your sin is forgiven. I then explained what sin was and that they were sinners. They all agreed.

“So if that is true and you are a sinner, how do you have your sin forgiven?”

No answer.

So I explained that Jesus paid the price for sin by dying on a cross, was buried for three days and rose again.

Unfortunately, no one won the dollar.

I then invited them to Hope Chapel and gave them each a “Passion-Tract”.

The great thing about this “dollar challenge” is that it’s fun and the majority of the people listen as I explain in a polite way about the Gospel; and when another customer arrives I end the challenge early.

As a varient, I like to give the dollar even if they answer incorrectly as an example of God’s grace.

By: Pastor Steve Sanchez

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