Open Air: Dummy on the Pier


We set up our dummy, Eutychus’ Sis, on the Redondo Beach Pier last Saturday to attract the crowds.
null People would stop in horror; we would preach to them. After three sermons by three evangelists, it was my turn. I gave it a go and when I finished, three policemen greeted me. Someone had complained about the dummy. In fact, according to them a lot of people complained.

“People don’t like that there,” said the lead officer. “They don’t want to be reminded of death while enjoying a day out on the pier.”

“That’s precisely why we put it there,” I explained.

The constables didn’t understand the urgency, so we packed up our stuff and moved along. I’m no dummy; they have guns.

Read more about guys with guns here.


  1. Gave a billion dollar tract to the waiter in the restaurant. He read it and smiled, said he liked it, then went and showed it to another waitress. I prayed silently that God would speak to them.

  2. As I was leaving a restaurant, I gave a billion dollar tract to a man seated having dinner. He looked at me and smiled joyfully, and said ‘Thank you!”
    Ileft praying silently that he would read all of it, feel convited and be converted.

  3. I was evangelizing at the Redondo Beach pier. I handed 2 billion dollar tracts to a young couple. Before I knew it I was sorrounded by about a dozen of their friends, all young guys and gals visiting from Belgium. I handed each one a tract, as I made some small talk about how they are enjoying their trip there. Then I pulled out the big guns, and went to the billion dollar question about heaven and hell. The responses were mixed. Most of them considered themselves good, so I did the good person test. They realized they all came short. They said it is impossible to keep the 10 commandments. One claimed everyone lies, then related a story of how it is actually necessary sometimes in order to protect someone. I told him that is called justification. I shared that we are all born sinners, and that we inherited that sin nature from Adam and Eve because of their disobedience. I explained why Jesus had to die to pay the penalty for our sins, as we are all incapable of saving ourselves. God who is holy, righteous and just said “The wages of sin is death” This same God said “Am I a man that I should lie, a son of man that I should change my mind. Do I promise and not fulfill? Nu 23:19. I explained that if they confess their sins, repent=turning away from them, believe in the death and resurrection, and its purpose, and ask Jesus to come into their life to be their Lord and Saviour, He will. If they are genuine, He dwells in their heart, and transforms their hearts, and way of thinking. DAILY PRAYER AND THANKSGIVING AND READING THE BIBLE WILL EMPOWER THEM TO LIVE A LIFE OF OBEDIENCE. They all listened attentively, then thanked me for taking the time to share with them. They promised that they would give serious thought to what I shared with them. I left feeling excited that they all stayed and listened to the last words, without getting angry. Iprayed that God’s Spirit would cause an everlasting change and impact on their lives, and as they learn to love the Lord, they will share that love with others.

  4. I handed a billion dollar tract to one man at the RB pier. He told me he is a christian. I said, “Great, where do you fellowship at”? He said, “At home.” I knew this was not going to be good. I asked how his walk was. He said it is not about his walk, it is about what Jesus did on the cross. He said we aare under grace. If we have to be obedient, we do not need Jesus. I shared with him that the books of 1st 2nd and 3rd John addresses that if we continue sinning we do not even know God. He kept insisting on salvation based on grace and faith-not obedience. I advised him to look up the meaning of grace and faith in a websters and bible dictionary- that grace is not merely unmerited favor but it is empowers, and teaches us to live holy and Godly lives. I advised him to read the book of James which tells us to be doers of the word, not hearers only, deceiving our own selves. By now his wife and child had arrived on the scene. She said that he reads the bible every day. He claimed that all who are to be saved are already saved, yet when i asked him if I was wasting my time evangelizing, he answered, no, I was doing a good thing. I asked him what I must do to be saved. I still have not gotten a direct response. He got my bible, and tried to teach me something in Jeremiah about the fig tree. His goal seemed to try and make me look stupid, and him smart, and knowledgeable. I departed feeling I wasted far too much time on someone who is convinced he is saved,but was not paying close attention to anything I had to say. His mind was bent on a grace which overlooks all wrongdoing. I believe his wife and child who only uttered one sentence all that time, heard a lot more than he did. I pray God would use them to show him what it truly means to be a true christian.

  5. I approaced a group of fishermen at the RB pier, and gave them million dollar tracts. They said ‘Cool”. I posed the million dollar question about heaven or hell. It brought mixed responses.By the time I got to the good person test, I had lost half of them. Very quickly all but one remained,who listened to the entire gospel message of salvation. He thanked me as I left, for sharing with him.

  6. I gave a million dollar tract to a man who was watching the ocean. He took it laughing. I explained what it was. He said if he were to die he did not know where he would go. He listened attentively, as I shared the entire gospel message. He related, he does not go to church because he is too busy. I explaines this is one of the biggest schemes of the devil, to keep us away from God. He constantly bombards our minds with a myraid of things such as work, music, cellphones, computers, bills, worries, sports, etc.. He claimed he fully agree with everything I shared with him, and needed to repent, read the bible daily and follow what it says, find a church, and do it soon, before it is too late. He gladly thanked me.

  7. A sister and I were evangelizing at the RBPier. We approached a ?middle eastern family, and gave them a million dollar tract. He did not believe in heaven or hell. He claimed he is a good person, but failed on the first 3 commands. He said he did not think we need to follow those commands. He then claimed he is a good person, so that is all that matters. We reminded him that by his own admission, he is not as good as he thinks. He walked away laughing, but still holding on to his belief, and claim that he is a very good person. He did not want to give either of us much speaking time, but did most of the talking himself. In the midst of it all, we asked if he would allow us 1 minute to tell him the salvation message. It was exteemely difficult to get it in without his interruption.

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