What’s Your E-vangie Tale #18 & this Weekend’s Evangelism Schedule


The Bible says that the righteous are as bold as a lion. If you’ve been a bold witness this week for Christ, write down your experience here.

This Saturday we are going to an International Surf Festival in Huntington Beach where Ray Comfort and his preaching team will be also. For details, click here.


  1. The following are from Amy Mosebar:

    Amy Mosebar Says:

    July 26th, 2007 at 7:28 am e
    I was at Blockbuster and I (pretended to) use a million dollar bill to pay for my movie. The lady was surprised and said, “I’ve seen these things before” and when I told her she could keep it, she got really excited and thanked me with a big smile.

    Amy Says:

    July 26th, 2007 at 9:30 am e
    When I went to the gym this morning, I gave the front desk worker a million dollar bill and said, “I have some extra cash that I don’t want to carry around, would you mind holding it for me?” When they realized it was a million dollar bill and not real cash, the girl laughed and said, “Thanks!,” and the guy with sarcastic enthusiasm said, “Reeaaaalllyy? Thaaanks.” I replied with genuine enthusiasm, “You’re welcome”

    Amy Says:

    July 26th, 2007 at 2:28 pm e
    At the bank today after one of the ladies helped me with my deposit, I gave her a million dollar bill as a tip. She laughed and exclaimed, “Oh my goodness you’ve made me a millionaire!” and after the first couple times, I feel more comfortable with passing them out now.


    Debbie Yeager Says:

    July 26th, 2007 at 9:38 pm e
    I gave my grandson a track to give to his dad when he went to see him this morning except he grabbed a couple more to give out to…

    Debbie Yeager Says:

    July 26th, 2007 at 9:42 pm e
    I have a prayer chain on the internet and one women was healed thru prayer she was so uplifted by prayers and emails we sent back and forth so I sent her some by mail to give to her and her friends. she liked them and said she would.

    Debbie Yeager Says:

    July 26th, 2007 at 9:48 pm e
    I also took someone to the hospital who needed a ride and sit all day there so I went thru the track with him unfortunatley he still doesnt except Christ so we need to pray for him as I feel with his health he already is on borrowed time. So we need to pray he excepts Him. I hate to see anyone so lost.

    Debbie Yeager Says:

    July 26th, 2007 at 10:06 pm e
    I met a women thru work and witnessed to her as she was going thru some troubled times. unfortunately my purse wasnt with me so I couldnt give her one of the tracks but she was really uplifted after I spoke with her and went thru some of what the tracks say. also had another person affiliated with a different group that I belong to and discussed the track with him and he was in full agreement. Sometimes I think that God must bring people to the tracks not always us bringing the tracks to them. The Holy Spirit works in wonderous ways.

  3. Today at the post office I gave the clerk a million dollar bill. He was excited.He said “Wow, I’M rich”. I told him the info on the back is richer, because all the money will eventually burn.(I have told this man the full gospel message, and spoken to him about Jesus a few times before). Soon, there were about 3 other guys gathered. One said he is Catholic. Iasked if he reads the beble. He said yes. I told him to read Timothy, which talks about false teachers, who will be deceived, and will also deceive many. I said praying to Mary and the saints is unbiblical, it is actually idolatry, and makes God angry. Many have been slain by Him for practicing idolatry. Mary herself never told anyone to pray to her,. In fact, very little is mentioned of her in the bible. He wanted my opinion about a recent occurence where one of his statues of Mary had a light shining only on her hand, which were raised as if in prayer. He was surprised that no other part of her body had that light. Irelated to him a couple bible stories- one when Jesus turned water into wine. Mary told the men to do whatever Jesus told them. Also, when Jesus was in the synanogue and he was told His mother, and brothers were outside. He responded,”Who is my mother, who is my brother. He who hears, and does the will of my Father is my mother, and brothers. She was loved, but never exalted as co-redeemer,because she was also in need of salvation through Jesus. She was a chosen vessel to help accomplish God’s plan of salvation. She never died on the cross for us. He said it all made sense. I advised him to read the bible daily, and follow what it says. I advised him to find a christian church, and make sure the teachings line up with what the bible says. He was very thankful for the advise.

  4. I gave million dollar tracts to a few women in my art class. They said ‘Cool, I love it”. One said Hope Chapel Hermosa Beach were handing them out at the park on July fourth. They all happened to be christians, so I told them I am attending a evangelism course at Hope Chapel, and I highly recommend it to all christians. I shared with them that I go out and evangelize on a regular basis, and it is very fulfilling. They said- that is nice- and thanked me.

  5. At El Tarasco, a lady and I were waiting in line for our orders, and I gave her a million dollar bill. She was surprised and kinda laughed, but didn’t really know how to react. She said thank you and then I left.

  6. These are from Carol Nicholson:

    Carol Nicholson Says:

    July 29th, 2007 at 9:11 pm e
    I gave a million dollar tract. He took it and smiled, then showed me one he already had posted on his window. I asked if he had read the back of it. H e said he did not know there was something in the back to read. I told him that is where the wealth lies, if he believes, and repent, read the bible, and does what it says. He thanked me.

    Carol Nicholson Says:

    July 29th, 2007 at 9:20 pm e
    I gave million dollar tracts to 4 cops who were eating at the Pollo Loco. To my surprise, they all joyfully accepted it. They said laughingly that they were happy to become so rich. I told them they will be a whole lot happier if they read the back, study the bible, do what it says, and repent. Then they will get to spend eternity with the Lord. They started reading it and thanked me.

    Carol Nicholson Says:

    July 29th, 2007 at 9:29 pm e
    I gave out many million dollar tracts at the Huntington beach outreach, giving many the gospel message, using the 10 commandment principle. I asked one Moslem man, what he believes he must do to get to heaven. He said his good works must outweigh his bad deeds. I shared with him what Jesus did for us, and gave him the gospel of God’s grace and method of salvation. He thanked me.

  7. 7/25 1:30 – Past out another Mill Bill to another co-worker, he seemed to like it. I really am feeling good now and look forward to this weekend. I wish I asked the $Mill question but I think I want to practice with strangers at Huntington Beach first.

  8. I was on my way to the beach and I brought some million dollar bills to hand out on my way there. I ended up leaving the beach with only one less bill… not because I chickened out, but because every single person I asked in Hermosa Beach said they had already received one before and refused to take another one! Praise the Lord!

  9. 7/28 1:45 PM – We arrive in Huntington Beach and there are literally tens of thousands of people here, there just so happens to be a surf contest going on and hundreds of sponsors have tents all along the beach. My family and I (and one other gentleman that I can’t recall the name of) drove here with the Ross’ (Andy, Greg and Penny); Greg dropped us of at the peer while he found a parking space for the van. I handed out about 10 Mill Bills within 20 seconds of being dropped off.

  10. 7/28 1:50 PM – The drop of point seems to be a great place to start, there is a cross walk coming across the main street to the peer and all the people flow through where we are. It’s really ironic that there is also a guy doing advertising while we pass out our advertisement (the Mill Bills) but his is quite the opposite; it’s a sign on a stick with the slogan “No Jail for Pot.” Unfortunately, he seems to have a lot of people supporting him.

  11. 7/28 1:55 PM – Not to far away, Ray Comfort is “Soap Box” preaching. Ray has a giant ape he calls “Link beside him with his head going back and forth and eyeing the audience. As I am passing out the Mill Bills, I try to direct people to Ray’s preaching. To be continued…

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