Don’t Vote for a Non-Christian?


Our right to free speech in America, including the freedom to preach the Gospel will depend on who gets into the White House in the next election (God aside, of course). This disturbing article by Matt Friedeman is not for the faint-of-heart.

Don’t vote for a non-Christian? I wish it were as easy as all that. Former Republican National Committee official John Lofton is co-host of The American View, a weekly radio show syndicated by Radio America. He says, according to OneNewsNow, that Christians have a “cut-and-dried” directive from the Bible not to vote for a non-believer. Given recent history there might be a bigger concern — voting for a “believer.”
New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is a believer — a Bible-thumpin’ Methodist, to hear her and her campaign tell it. Illinois Senator Barak Obama is, too, and can apparently preach so that the sanctified will shout “Amen!” Of leading presidential candidates, only former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson has said that the local church isn’t all that important to him, but he pulled back from that statement with the declaration that he, too, is a serious Christian. Ditto John McCain and presumably most every other candidate trying to harvest votes.
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  1. I see no evidence, no fruits, that any of the people you mention are Christians. Simply SAYING you are a Christian does not make you a Christian. John Lofton, Editor,;

  2. I would completely agree with you John. Sad.

  3. STEVE:

    I wrote this response below for the “Witness on Wheels” posting and your site would not accept my submission. I am now going through past postings and trying to submit from each until you get it. I guess there are still some cracks in the system….atheists hard at work. – Paul-

    Witness on Wheels

    I welcome any opportunity to witness. And, I confess, I sometimes like it more when the Lord brings the opportunity TO me instead of me doing the work looking for it. (OK, so I’m lazy sometimes! ) At the very least, I am ready and willing when the opportunity arises.

    And no better does an opportunity arise when someone in my hearing parameter blasphemes my Savior’s name in worldly irreverant tone. In that moment, a trumpet call to “immediate active duty” blasts in my ear and before I know it I’m butting in saying: “You’re going to meet Him some day”. That’s how I usually start.

    Different factors can bring different reactions. Is the offender an aquaintance or a stranger? Is he talking to me or is he addressing me as part of a group? OR…am I just a passerby as he addresses a person or a group of people?

    In either case, the last thing the offender expects is for someone to step up in defense of the name that he is abusing and explain why it is wrong. The timeframe of such an interruption is usually in short order. That is unless the Holy Spirit places a willingness on the offender’s part to listen as opposed to him fulfilling his desire to unscrew my head from the rest of my body and leave.

    I have had experience in a variety of situations. They have been everything from being told to “fluff off!” (or something like that) to spending an whole hour with a total stranger after calling him up on his use of the Lord’s name in vain and gave him the gospel in a way he had never heard it. He said it made him think seriously about his state and that he would consider everything we talked about. He then said “thanks” for taking the time to talk with him.

    Such is the work of the Lord. If we are not out fishing, sometimes he’ll bring the fish to us. If circumstances allow, we should answer the call to glorify the Name of the Lord by defending it when blasphemed and, by God’s leading, point the offender to the cross.

    It doesn’t hurt to try. At last check, I still got my head screwed on.

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