USC Football (with Hellboy)


At the last Trojan game we debuted “Hellboy,” our 100 million mega-watts-of-power sound system—much to the chagrin of the cardinal and gold-dressed fans.

Standing atop a concrete block in the center of Exposition Blvd. where a new Metro Rail is being installed and facing the USC campus, we preached over and over to the crowd waiting to cross the street over to the Coliseum, where the game would be played. The results?

When Val Scott preached using Hellboy, people listened.

When my daughter D.D. preached using Hellboy, they listened to her, too.

But when I preached using Hellboy…

…a guy did push-ups!

Go figure!


  1. Ok, that’s weird. I must have talked with this guy’s brother last week (see link above).

  2. The Lord of the Harvest did send out “workers” into the USC harvest field and I was blessed enough to tag along and participate. It was definitely out of my comfort zone, but Steve and D.D. and Ed and Bob and Peter and Tom and Dennis and Val and Anita and Liz and … all graciously showed me the “ropes”. The team handed out about 10,000 tracts and I was able to hand out over 500 myself. I know that GOD’s Word will not return void and I am praying that none of the tracts we handed out will either.

  3. i love the half mile hailer aka hellboy. We once took it on the mountain and full blasted it to the whole city. It was awesome…but then the park-ranger came. so we ran.

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