Beneath “Bam Bam” Bentley’s Bogus Bigtop


The Counterfeit Revival continues to rage in Florida as the undiscerning foolishly flock to the latest Carnal-val; this is what happens when the Biblical Gospel is not preached! Read the report from WORLD Magazine and see more ridiculous Christian comedy from Florida below.

WORLD magazine reports on the Bentley “revival” in an article entitled “Same old scam?”:

A visit to one of Bentley’s services suggests that he is learning how to turn the big crowds into big money. ATM machines have been set up, providing attendees with ready cash for the offering plate and book purchases. The offering is now a significant part of the service, taking as long as 30 minutes. Bentley has not released financial information, saying he is “too busy keeping up with what God is doing” to pull the information together.

When WORLD asked for documentation of the purported healings that have taken place during this “revival”, they were rebuffed; Bentley¬†claimed “privacy issues” as the reasons.

A few more outrageous attrocities:

Smell Todd Bentley’s hands here!

See “Blah Blah” Bentley here!

See a man with Stage 4 cancer get a holy knee in the gut by Mr. Bentley here!

Hear Bentley’s own testimony about how his violent tactics “work.”


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