Baby Baptism


Every now and then I want to let you know what’s happening faith-wise in our family, how Christ influences everything we do, and how we pass on what we learn to our daughters so that they can grow up, mature in the faith.

At age five, my youngest, Laurel Ann, was handing out Gospel tracts; at age 6, she made her open air preaching debut  at a stop light. Now, my 9-year-old baby is making her public profession of faith through the waters of baptism. (Our eldest, D.D. was baptized two years ago.)  She understands that baptism doesn’t save her, only faith in Jesus Christ does this. Notice her beaming parents.

We believe in a “Believer’s Baptism.”

That is, when a person understands her sin and need for a Savior, repents, and puts her trust in Jesus Christ for forgiveness, then she gets baptized as a public declaration of her faith, that she identifies, through the waters of baptism, with Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection.

Our hope, of course, is that Laurel Ann will follow Jesus all the days of her life.

Baptism is a beautiful picture of what happened to our Lord. When you stand in the water, that is symbolic of your old life, when you were dead in your sin and trespasses against God. When you go down into the water, that represents Christ’s death and burial; and when you come out of the water, that is a wonderful image of your new life as a born again Christian. Baptism doesn’t save you, only faith in Jesus Christ does that; this is a step of obedience.

Why don’t we baptize infants? Simply put, it’s not in the Bible. Again, baptism is what a person does when they believe.

Click here to see Laurel Ann demonstrating how to hand out tracts at the bottom of an escalator.

*See the cool gift she got on her 7th birthday by clicking here.





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