1. He basically asked for it Steve. I suppose you could have told him that he had no authority on public property as a security person, but what you did ultimately reached more folks. Good job….Praise God!

  2. Great job! They thought they were clever enough to stop a one-to-one witnessing encounter, but it backfired on them and turned into an open air! I love it.

  3. Well done, Steve! You kept it going and it just opened up.

    But I do have to ask: what was the “security” guy’s reasoning for preventing you from speaking to someone on a PUBLIC sidewalk? By what authority did he have to do such a thing? The young lady was speaking to you on her own volition.

  4. you made it look sooooooo easy, you must have some dancing experience cuz you side-stepped those guys reaaaaaaal good and furthermore…
    IF you HAD to do it again…well, i wouldn’t change a thing!


  5. Great Pastor Steve!!! It is awesome to see God use you like that! It’s just like satan he never learns when it comes to the preaching of the Gospel, he can’t stop it one way or another! PTL!!!


  6. Beeeeuuuuuutiful!!!! Your presence of mind and focused action under fire are a great inspiration to all who enter the ever increasing turbulance in the waters of evangelism. God used the attention brought to you by the security guard to heighten and emphasize your message.
    Praise be to our great God, and Jesus Christ our Redeemer!!

  7. Wow that helps me out on what to do with rent-a-security since they are not law enforcement and have no jurisdiction on a public sidewalk.

  8. What an encouragement Steve! I always learn something from you.

  9. “Cool Persecution Bro!”

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