Ambassadors’ Academy Pt. 6: The Shame of the Starstruck Preacher


(Read parts 1-5 with succeeding links by clicking here.)

Last week I wrote about how I totally blew it on Hollywood Boulevard.

I was demonstrating to the students attending an evangelism bootcamp put on by Ray Comfort’s ministry, the importance of open air preaching in the midst of distractions. As I started to preach John Travolta showed up; to my shame, I jumped off my preaching stool to give him a tract (read about it here). Little did I know that one of the students, Dennis Feely, was videotaping the whole sordid affair. So, to minimize the damage to my reputation, I thought I’d let you see it before the National Enquirer got a hold of it (you only need to see the first minute). I want to just get it out in the open. (If for some reason you can’t see the video, then click here.)

Thanks a lot Dennis. I owe you, buddy. Big time.

Click here to read part 7!

Click here to see an open air sermon from this year’s Academy Awards, where I actually stayed on my preaching stool.



  1. Steve,
    No video? This is a cruel joke.

  2. What do you mean? Is the video not up on your end? It’s here on my blog…

  3. Travis,

    It worked better for me to double click on the video and watch it directly from You Tube. Give it a try.


  4. Steve, that should about win it for “Americas Funniest Video’s Awards”,
    ohh If you still don’t want the hundred call me heheehe!!!

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