In a few weeks, I will be changing the name of E-vangie Tales & More to

Why? It’s funnier, a little more interesting, and easier to spell.

Really now, if you were to ask people which site they’s rather visit, or, what do think they’d choose? Exactly. It’s possible that our atheist friends might want to take a peek…

The tag line will be “Evangelism with an edge… and a sense of humor!”

I have been advised by a web expert that the name change will possibly increase the traffic. And since I want more people to learn to evangelize—and to be encouraged while they evangelize—I want more people to visit. Look for the banner to change soon, too.

The address will still be used, but if you’d like to change the name at your site, feel free.

A rose by any other name…


  1. I agree with the person who advised you on the domain name bringing more traffic to the Website, its very attractive and im sure its going to be quite effective too! Good thinking Steve. I’ll Pray that it helps your Website become more popular.

    – Phil.

  2. Thanks Phil! I appreciate your support!

  3. Steve, I hope they don’t get any big (round, heavy, jaggedy) ideas! =) TONS easier to spell, and I’m sure it will create a lot more buzz than that OTHER website name! All the best, brother.

  4. I think StonethePreacher is a TON better than evtales now. evtales reminds me of veggie tales 🙂

    I hope you get a TON of traffic 😀

  5. How about “DON’T Kill the Messenger”, although Stonethepreacher would probably cause more curiosity, if it doesn’t cause any violence. It may be a little too tempting for our atheist “friends” What ever you choose, I’m sure it will be a success. God bless you, he certainly gave you a gift.

  6. I was at Fiesta Harmosa talking with people who took inteligence test yesterday.
    Some of them said they were Christian. But they were not so sure if they are going to Heaven. They said they are trying doing good deed so that God will welcome them in Heaven some day.
    I told them “Jesus said He is the ONLY way”, and their face became even more unsure.
    What I realized then was that we need to talk to people more about Jesus, whether they say they are Christian or something else. I want those who came to our booth to hear ” Jesus is the ONLY way ” to go to Heaven.
    After few Hours of standing and talking, I was tired but I felt something burning in my heart. It is the joy and passion for my Saveior. Praise God!

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