Ambassadors’ Academy Pt. 8: Backflips for Satan


(Read parts 1-7 with succeeding links by clicking here.) Tomorrow you will read about how one evangelism student from The Ambassadors’ Alliance was severely persecuted by rent-a-rickshaw bicyclists.

The second day of evangelism training was located in Huntington Beach.

Watch as a man possessed by a clown demon does backflips during a very serious Gospel presentation after the baptism of one of the evangelism students. Trust me, it was really hard to keep a straight face (“Really, Pastor Steve!”) as Tony Miano, the leader of this entire training, kept on preaching.

(To go directly to the Clown-demon-possessed-backflipper guy, go to the 4-minute marker on the video.)

Click here if you can’t see the video.



  1. Amazing! I love how Tony kept on Preaching and said he pittys that backflipper dude. And what Tony said is right, he may be showing off his backflipping skills now, but im sure he wont be doing that infront of our God on Judgement day. Like Tony said, no reason to be mad at people like these, attention seekers as I would call them, just pitty them. =)

  2. I’m glad it didn’t phase the pastor when the guy was doing backflips. It was awesome to see that the pastor kept his composure through it.

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