180 Movie Wednesday: At Pink’s World Famous Hot Dogs!


Every second Wednesday of the month is 180 Movie Wednesday. I will try to have an interesting pro-life post or video on these days in the future. We handed out the hottest movie on the internet (nearly 3 million hits!) while at World Famous Pink’s Hot Dogs a couple of weeks ago. What was the response? (Read what happened when my daughters and I visited a murder chamber several months ago here.)


  1. Steve, I can’t help but notice that you never actually tell people what you’re giving them. You continually talk about how popular and controversial it is, but never tell people any details about it: that it’s prochoise, or that it’s evangelistic, or that it compares abortion to genocide.

    I can’t help but feel like you’re hurting your cause. Sure you get it into more hands, but many of those hands then go home, play the film and realise they were tricked into accepting political propoganda. Tricking someone into listening to you makes them less receptive to your message.

    • That’s always been case that’s why tracts have to hide what they are. Take the St Pats day one Steve just posted, or of course all the money variants for 2 prominent examples.

    • Quasar wrote: “that it’s prochoise

      I assume you meant “pro-life”.

  2. Most people are also smart enough to realize that they are being exposed to cheap and deceptive propaganda. More importantly the people who aren’t are generally anti choice already.

  3. Hot is a matter of opinion.

    No. Don’t lie if you ever are saved.

    • Well most peoples opinion is that a hot video gets 15-60 thousand shares or more a day and 1-2 million views in a month. 180 hasn’t even come close. Of course if by hot you mean cheap propaganda film mostly viewed by people who already agree with it, then 180 would qualify.

      What I don’t get is why you support such a terrible movie. I get thaqt you agree with it and that is fine, I don’t but it makes sense that you do, but it is just bad. It is a lowest common denominator piece of anti semetic propaganda.

      Just because it supports your agenda doesn’t make it good, have a little taste, it’s OK really.

      On a related note, what do people here think of Ray Comforts miserable attempts at fiction?

  4. Pink has a hotdog stand? That singing thing must not be working out for her…

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