Bible Burnishing Baby Bears Big Bucks


My oldest daughter, 12-year-old D.D., was greeted first thing in the morning with a photo-flash and a hundred fins a few days ago. Why? Because she finished another yearly read-through of her Bible.

Her Bible of choice is The New Living Translation version of the One Year Bible. It’s a great way to read systematically. There is a daily reading from the Old Testament, the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs.

I started reading to her when she was one day old in the incubator. I Read Matthew chapter 1 to start—the genealogies! She fell right asleep.

Is it bribery or blessing?

I call it an incentive so that she will have a full understanding of what God requires of her; so she will fall in love with Jesus more and more each day; so she will know how a holy and righteous God condescended to save her through faith in His Son. And there’s a whole lot more reasons. Click here to read them from the post of when my 10-year-old earned her $100!


  1. Congratulations to your Daughter. Mine is also 12 and also reading the Bible, the KJV in her case because she likes the poetic language. She is also taking an interest in other religions such as Shinto and the Native religion of her grandfather.

    I have no problem with her exploring mythology, I did at her age and it did me no harm and it is certainly educational. She has also been attending church off and on for a few years with friends and I also approve as I trust her judgement.

    Not long ago I discovered, much to my pleasure, that she considered herself an atheist. I was unsure if she was going to experiment with some religion or another or perhaps be a Deist like her mother. Any of the above would have been her business but I was pleased with her decision. I am sure you are also proud of your daughters.

    My son on the other hand is nine and shows no interest in religion of any kind. Just not his thing, he is too young to really be considered an atheist even if he saw himself that way, but really it is more of a non issue. He is more into math and science than literature. He enjoys reading and does follow several fiction series but he is more likely to be checking out books about sharks or microscopes than books about mythology.

  2. Oh and just because the topic of proud fathers is on the table, which as far as I am concerned is far better than talk of death and whatnot, my girl just got her own camera flashing session for selling 1200 boxes of Girl Scout cookies.

  3. Love this….Growing up my mom would pay us to learn inspiring quotes – read books etc… I still remember much of what I learned. Rewards are biblical and our God is a rewarder of those who dilligently seek Him. Plus – big bonus…God’s word never goes out and comes back void without doing that which He intended and He promises to transform us by the renewing of our minds (reading His word) He’s so Great!!

  4. I wish my parents had got me to read the Bible (not very likely with an atheist father though). Might have avoided years of pain as a liar/addict/thief. Guess I’m fortunate though, my father in heaven prodded me into reading it. Thank God He still lives to intercede!

    • Actually I do know some people who credit religion with having lived a virtuous life, not being a liar addict thief ect. and if that would have helped you then it is unfortunate you did not revieve it. However it is fair to point out that I have a wide circle of atheist friends and acquaintances and very few have struggled with such things. One struggled with addiction but his atheism came after his recovery. The athiests I know have done quite well at avoiding crime and addiction without using a religious crutch to help them along.

      It is possible that your struggles with crime and addiction resulted from deficiencies in your character and upbringing entirely unrelated to religion.

  5. Congratulations to D.D. She is going to be a Bible scholar before she can drive.

  6. Will do. 🙂 For the record I do not think you are crazy just misguided. Aside from the standard evasions from Ray Comforts playbook you seem OK.

    If I seem rude or hostile it is likely because attitude doese not communicate well in text. I am actually just blunt.

  7. Hey, I read the Bible as a teenager and nobody gave me any cash!

    Then again, I did it of my own free will and remained an atheist. In fact, reading the Bible was a big part of solidifying that. So it all turned out just fine.

    • Yep. It hardens hearts and softens them too.

      • So the Bibles effect is exactly what one would expect if it had no divine influence behind it at all.

        If it had a convincing effect on everyone or even a majority of people who read it, that could be evidence that it had divine guidance and it would certainly be evidence that if nothing else it contained a message that many people found valuable. However the fact that it’s influence is completely inconsistent and unreliable is pretty solid evidence that it is just a book of myths.

    • I have read the entire Bible. Unfortunately nobody gave me any moolah. Good idea though. Congrats to DD.

      • I know what you mean if I had a hundred for every time I cover to covered it I could by a new laptop.

  8. It is not bribery it is a blessing. Great idea. DD is a lucky girl.

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