Revisited: “The Blasphemy Challenge” Guerrilla Action

A little over a year ago, I made a video response to “The Blasphemy Challenge,” a very popular “contest” that challenges fools to deny the Holy Spirit. It was featured in the monthly “The Way of the Master” Newblast and exposed many atheists to the Gospel. I am rerunning it now in the hope that you will be inspired to post a covert Gospel message of your own to their site.

If you’ve never heard of, or are unfamiliar with “The Blasphemy Challenge,” then click on the video below and see what it is about. Let me caution you though, it is a disturbing video for all those who love Christ. It is important that you see it so that you know what we are up against.

After viewing it, then watch my video, and read my strategy for getting the Word out to this crowd.

Link: The Blasphemy Challenge

Now watch my video that has been posted to “The Blasphemy Challenge” website for over a year (and has been seen by nearly 7,000 viewers). I posted it under a new “Channel” that I created called “Darwino Video” (Get it? Darwin-NO). One atheist viewed it and wrote: “lol. very clever video. I am still atheist though. Not convinced with the message. But well done. Much better lighting in your video than most others also.”

Now watch it for yourself and tell me if you think that it would be effective if thousands of Christians posted their own guerrilla videos to “The Blasphemy Challenge” website.

Link: The Blasphemy Challenge Guerrilla Action

Read the Fox News interview with the creator of “The Blasphemy Challenge.”

Read a Christian’s response to “The Blasphemy Challenge” by clicking here!

See another type of Blasphemy Challenge made by Christians and aimed at Christians by clicking here.


  1. I believe that there are atheists. They are the ones that if put in a situation (not to be too graphic) where let’s say someone puts a gun to their head and is about to pull the trigger, are asking God for help. I’ve seen it and heard it before. I think there are many people who fit into this category, and quite unfortunate, many Christians. Salvation is free my friends but living the life of God’s Glory comes at a cost. A card I once received put it this way= “Work for the Lord. The wages stink but the benefits are fantastic”. As a Christian who trys very hard to live the life, it is difficult in this world. But it is possible and God does deliver on his promises. Did I grow up Christian? NO. Was there some terrible event in my life? Perhaps a few. Did they all go away? NO. I can tell you that I save a ton of money on depression medication I no longer need to take and my life is better than ever thanks to learning how to get on my knees and talk to God. If accepting Christ as our Savior ment that everything became peaches and cream, there would be no need for Psalm 23. I love the Lord, my kids love the Lord, and the work we do to further His Kingdom ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS pays off. God bless all of us. Even the so called atheists and other people who don’t believe. I was there once myself.

  2. Great Job! There is really no athiest. Interesting that people want to focus on the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, it tells me that they are reading the replies in favor which is a witness of Christ in Us. As it should be.
    We ought to pray that there hearts soften towards the Gospel of Christ and that they can see truth. The folks that say they were christian and then deny Jesus and the Holy Spirit, were never saved or horribly backsliden. And unless they repent, well they should repent. Eternity is forever and we should spend it with Jesus Christ.

  3. Matt D-
    The video that is posted here by Paul Washer-

    Hits as hard as a rock!- Wow! I thought I knew- But I was fooled by my own comfort.

    “And whosoever shall fall on this stone shall be broken: but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder.”
    (Matthew 21:44)

  4. Dear Doogie and Fellow Atheists,

    I respect your right to your opinion, however I completely disagree with you. I know there is a God. I know that Jesus lives. I know that once I accepted Christ as my Savior, God filled me with the Holy Spirit. How do I know these things? Not only do I have faith in what the Bible says as being truth, but God has proven himself to me on more than one occasion. In fact so many times, it would take me pages to list them all. The things that have happened to me can not be explained away as mere coincidence. I’ll give you an example. About ten years ago my husband was making very bad decisions with our money. We were late on all our debts, bill collectors were calling constantly. I had tried several times to speak with me husband about the situation and he didn’t want to hear what I had to say. I hadn’t told anyone about the problems we were having. So one morning I prayed to God and asked Him to bring someone into my husband’s life that he would have to listen to. And that the person would tell him, that he was being irresponsible with our money and that he had to start taking better care of his family. Then that night when my husband got home from work he told me that he was called into his Commander’s office. When we had gotten our car loan my husband had given them his work phone number. We were 2 months behind on paying the loan. The bill collector realized that my husband was in the military. Being in the military you have to make sure your debts are in good standing or you can get into a lot of trouble. So the bill collector asked to speak to the Commander. When my husband told me what happened, I couldn’t help but think about what I had prayed earlier in the day. Not only was the Commander someone my husband would have to listen to, but he told my husband the exact words I had prayed. He told my husband he was being irresponsible with his money and needed to start taking better care of his family. I didn’t say anything. I silently thanked God for taking care of something I couldn’t do on my own. There are so many times when I have prayed for God’s help and He has answered me. Not only that, but how do you explain when my Pastor preaches on Sunday mornings and I choose a song to sing, not knowing what he is preaching about, that it goes along perfectly with his message? Last Friday a group of us went to the local mission. How do you explain, without any of us talking about what we would be singing or saying, that we all had the same theme in mind? This type of thing has happened so many times. It is clearly the work of the Holy Spirit.
    You can say that we are religious zealots, idiots, fools, weirdos or whatever you want. But the fact is, if you have never put your trust in Christ, then you will never know how sweet He is. I think everyone at one time or another has doubts about if there is really a God. I mean it does seem strange to worship someone you’ve never seen or audibly heard. But that’s why it takes faith. Since I have put my faith in Christ, my life has never been the same. I have a Father who loves me and always takes care of me. I have a friend who sticks closer than a brother. I have a comforter and a counselor. For me, life without Jesus is meaningless. Does that mean that my life is free from worries or problems now? Not at all. But now I have God to see me through. And because He loves me so much, it makes me want to serve Him. I really hope that you come to know Christ as your Savior. If you don’t it is your choice. God has given us all free will.
    But won’t you try and take Him at His word? Believe me, He’s big enough to handle your questions.
    Before I go, I wanted to comment on some of the things you said. About the Bible condoning certain actions. The Bible never condones the actions of someone going against the will of God. The Bible is simply showing us that even back then, people were doing things wrong. Just like they do today. And it usually tells us the consequesces of that person sinning against God. Have you lived a perfect life? I seriously doubt it. The theme that runs through the Bible is one of love and forgiveness. Clearly you have not read enough of it. The people in the Bible were not perfect, just like us. But when they repented, God forgave them.
    The Bible has not been taken from other religions. I think you are just spewing information you heard from someone else. If it is taken from other religions or books, then I want proof. Not someones opinion that it is taken from other religions or books, but the actual writings it was taken from. Did any other “religious” leader claim to be the Son of God, then die on a cross and rise again?
    To quote you, “Man will always do good and evil but to make a good man do evil takes religion.” That thought just doesn’t make sense. If man is equally capable of doing good and evil, then it doesn’t take religion or anything else for that matter to make a good man do evil.
    Jesus Christ is who He said He is. There is a Holy Spirit. I am sad for you. One day you will stand before God. I hope you don’t continue to let your pride get in the way. God is trying to get your attention. If what I and millions of others believe to be true is actually false, then we just had a nice little hobby, a diversion while we lived out our lives here on Earth. So why should it bother you what we think? Why is it that you feel so strongly, the need to disprove that the Holy Spirit exists? It’s not like if we don’t convert to Atheism we will go to hell. So if what you believe is true, then none of us have anything to worry about.
    But if we are right, then what?

    Sincerely, Regina

  5. The Blasphemy Challenge has one fatal flaw. The blasphemy of the Holy Spirit isn’t denying that the Holy Spirit exists. It’s when you say that what He is doing is of Satan. You would then have to acknowledge that He is real, therefore so is God(and Heaven) and that Satan(and Hell) is real. It’s a common example of non-believers not understanding what te Bible actuallt says.

    ps-Watch out all of you Christians when you say so-in so who wears the white suit or that girl who prays in tounges is of Satan. Thin ice wouldn’t you say?

  6. It does not surprise me that people are denying the existence of our Creator, but it does sadden me. The world will constantly use any and all excuses to vilify and deny the Lord Jesus in the hopes that they can continue to be in darkness, for man hates the light. All we, who have been given the light can do is to let it shine. The Word of God is the power, and even though they deny it they know it is present.
    And to the man who talked about sacrificing his son. You are right the sacrifice would have been meaningless if it would have ended there, but Jesus conquered death.

  7. People of faith please listen! The cross (truth) is foolishness to those who are perishing. They are deceived, just as we were deceived. We should show pity and love instead of attempting to skewer their positions. When I read the responses of atheists, I hear the cries of the heart, and it makes my heart ache. They cry out for answers that they know exist, but have no place for answers. Instead of coming back with counterpoints to their positions, come back with heartfelt questions. For instance you could ask, ‘I have a reason for loving and caring about you, else I wouldn’t care what you believe or do. But I do!. If there is no God, why do you care what I believe and do and why do you spend so much time pondering a meaningless question?’ I have yet to find someone that won’t respond because if you love God, you love His people, and they will know you by your love. It also shoots an arrow straight at their minds by challenging their presuppositions instead of challenging debatable facts.

    Remember, when you see someone on the street or read their blogs, you are looking into the face of God. They have intrinsic worth and are loved by the same God that loves you. They deserve respect and they deserve our aching hearts. Ask them why they care…because they do. What a lead in to be used by God to show them the way. Praise!!

    Peace to my atheist brothers…

  8. Jesus Christ is Lord – choose Him now, or choose Him later – you will at some point.

    I hereby declare Jesus as Lord of my life, and King of all creation. I am filled with the Holy Ghost and love God with all my heart, soul, mind and body.

    I add that I also love all those who declare Him with me, and all those who don’t (yet). As said, all will someday.

  9. Steve is a lamp, showing his light. To all others who are saved, we must also go out and show our light also on the internet and beyond!

    Thanks Steve.

  10. Thanks to all of you for your kind words to me, and to our atheist friends, Doogie and Chris. I don’t know that they are reading these comments… I sent them an email, but have not heard back from them regarding these new comments (I originally posted this on my site on Jan. 29th).

    Doogie and Chris are very intelligent, nice guys; I’d like them to respond soon.

  11. I love to see atheists backslide. I have seen many backslide to agnostics. Many to full fleged Christians. All I said was which came first the male or the female; the honeybees or the drones; the eye or the eyesockets? Also, how do you know a painter exists if you see a painting? You know there had to be a painter. Even though you don’t see the painter, a painter had to exist. Logic tells you so. If there is a building there has to be a builder. Since there is creation, there has to be a creator. Logic tells you so. The fool said in his heart there is no God. Something cannot come from nothing. Something has to come from something, and that Something has to be the Uncaused Cause – God, who always existed. Logic tells you so. A big bang cannot come from nothing. There has to be a Something, and that Something is God. He’s proved Himself by signs, wonders and miracles. He authenticated His men with His message. When we write a poem whose inspiraton is it? The person writing the poem or the pen? The person writing the poem of course. Well, God is the inspiration and the men, the prophets, were the pens. To believe that mere men wrote the Bible is to believe that a pen thought of the story. Something bigger then the men wrote the Bible. God is the inspiration and authenticated Himself with the miracle of creation, the conscience of goodness and righteous, and prophecy being fulfilled among other things to numerous to mention. There are too many prophecies fulfilled to deny the existence of God who can see the beginning of time until the end. Our conscience bears witness when we do not line up with His right way of looking at things. A bell goes off. God’s moral Law is our compass. Since God is true and He pierced through the darkness to intervene with mankind, and everyone of us has His light of what is right and wrong, we need to make a moral decision to listen up. God wishes that no one should perish, but come to repentance. The soul that sins should surely die. But God, who intervened in history, sent His Son, authenticating Him with signs, wonders and miracles. They were unprecendented. The blind were given sight, the deaf were allowed to hear, again, the demon possessed were bought back. The pen of God, John, who witnessed the miracles of Jesus said it correctly. The miracles were done so we would believe in Him. God authenticated Jesus so all eyes would be on Him. He said, as the mouthpiece of God, that unless you believe that He was God you would die in your sins. The truth is not believing in Jesus is not what sends a person to hell. The Bible is clear, our sins have separated us from God. The wages of sins is eternal death. The truth goes on to say that we are all headed to hell and God in His grace and mercy provided the only way of escape. God sent His Son to be your sin-bearer. Admit it. You have lied, stolen, committed adultery in your heart, murdered in your heart, and erected a God in your heart to suit your own needs. That is just a few of the commandments. That makes you a liar, a thief, an adulterer, a murderer and an idolator. You are not a good person like you thought you were. All liars and murderes and fornicators, etc. will find their place in the Lake of Fire. Listen to your conscience. You know that right. God is speaking to your heart through the Ten Commandments. That is what they are all about. You’ve broken the Law, and unless you repent and turn to Jesus you will be found guilty on judgment day, and your destination will be the Lake of Fire. God is a good judge and will never let the guilty go unpunished. In a court of law a good judge would have to carry out the law. In God’s heavenly court, the wages of sin is death. In God’s court of law, the cross is where love and justice meet. God love you so much He sent His Son to die in your place. He sent Jesus as your sin bearer so you would have not to bear the wrath of your own sin. That is love. If you hear something contrarty to this is not the real gospel. God exists and wants to have a relationship with you. Just think about it. You’re taking the biggest gamble and risk of your life if you don’t. Check out God’s word. Look for an error. If you think it is full of errors and have not read it for yourself, then you being intellectual dishonest with yourself. Listen to your conscience in light of the Ten Commandments, and be honest if you are good enough to make it to heaven on your own efforts. That is the greatest challenge you can take. There are no free DVD’s associated with this challenge, only the free gift of eternal life (Romans 6:23).

  12. Hey, If you Love Christ and are not afraid to share you testimony with others, please join in and share it;with the rest of the world! Here is mine at :

    Thank you and God Bless you!



  13. Good Job guys!!! I am joining this gurella movement right now to save souls from this blasphemy challange. My part will be to go to U-tube and post messages of praise to God’s wonder love, justice, grace and mercy. AMEN!!!!

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  15. Hi again,

    Well, my plan did not really work out because I could not, for the life of me, get You-Tube to confirm my darned e-mail address. So I thought I would just share some words. No one can prove that God exists but no one can prove that he does not. For me, I can look at all the beauty of his creation (at least that which has not been destroyed by capitalisum) and just marvel and the creative, beautiful artist that is our father God. So we are the irrational ones who see all of this creation and believe in a creation??? Supposedly foolishness is not equal with rationality.

    As far as I’m concerned, they can keep their huminisum. When the rocks and trees and mountains are older then any man, how can we claim to know the answer to anything except through faith???

    Friends, one thing we must do is to look inward though. Yes, it is horrable how these poor souls denounce the wonderful Holy Spirit but we also have to ask why they are singling out Christianity. Lets be brutally honest folks, the church is in trouble. We do not, as a whole, take hard nose stand against war, injustice and poverty around the world. We just expect God to take care of it when we are meant too. We support vile men like Bush and expect people to buy that we follow a man of peace and love. These are things that we must figure out friends… together. We need to stop fighting with each other. We all need to start following Jesus more and more each day, improving our walk in love and charity.


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  17. Thank you for your love for the Lord. Thank you for placing yourself in the position to be hated by this world. You are a real inspiration to me. This blasphemy will be punished which turns my stomache. I will pray for those people here who have denied God. Matthew 10:33 states “whoever denies Me before men, him I will also deny before My Father who is in heaven.” Please, those who are not of Christ, think about what you are doing! God loves you so much! He wants you to know Him and He wants you to find joy and peace in Him. For those who are Christians, keep on keeping on. God will bless you!

  18. You know I got this from Way of the Master Newsletter. Blasemphy is wrong. How about learning about 10 commandents of Dating or Getting Someone to like you?

    Gee Whiz, you are so young that are fill with life and loads of mistakes.

    I did an mistake and still wishes that I haven’t done that. But was I said? Like ummm…That wrong place to hang out. But I was only with my good friends whom I thought I was being friends. Twice.

  19. You know I got this from Way of the Master Newsletter. Blasemphy is wrong. How about learning about 10 commandents of Dating or Getting Someone to like you?

    Gee Whiz, you are so young that are fill with life and loads of mistakes.

  20. Doogie Talon, You know what? I would do everything in my power to save you if you were being burned in a vat of acid short of jumping in to save you. So don’t you love the idea that I would throw you a life preserver in the name of Jesus Christ. Now the question is…are you too dumb to grab onto it? We redeemed sinners have a secret to tell you…Don’t die without believing in the Son of God, Jesus, otherwise you will pay an eternal price in a very bad place. Why would you willingly go there? Are you dumb as a bag of rocks?

  21. Hmmmm. I just cant believe some of the stuff Im hearing. I guess once you know the truth. Its hard to look back into the dark and understand that point of view. It makes no difference if you dont believe in God and Satan. Because they both believe in you! and your opion will be of no consequence. I dont feel that any Christian should feel that they need to debat the truth with an unbelieving audience. Dont aurgue with them. It just fuels their fire. Simply give your witness and plant the seed. The credit will go to your charge and will be a heaping of hot coals to theirs. You cant change a reprobate mind! If they are chosen they will receive. If they are cut off they wont!. Every building has an architect. If you know his name or not it doesnt change the fact that the building had a maker. God gave us all free will and the choice is ours. And regardless of what we think or how we feel. Each of us will have to stand ” ALONE” before the judgment seat and will have to give account of every word, thought, and action, we have made and will have to pass thru the flames. The only choice we have is will it be flames of purification or flames of damnation.

    Pray for the lost.

    God Bless.


  22. Thank You Steve!
    I have been praying about how to respond. I wanted to post my own video as soon as I heard about the “Challenge”. Your video is an encouragement! Please pray with me as I consider what I should say. I want it to be creative and have a clear message and be dripping with God’s love to the lost.



  23. Great, Jonathan. Take a look at what another man did with his video. Go to the main page and scroll down to “Re: The Blasphemy Challenge 666”

  24. Deny what I have seen? You gotta be kidding me. Praise Jesus.

  25. Still don’t believe in Christ. Why don’t you try what I tried and bring it on. Let’s see what you get. If you want to really know if there is a God, without all your mouth fluff and I’m so bad nobody can touch my heart crap. Try this tough man. I don’t think you got what it takes to do it though. Your all talk and no do, so was I, you couldn’t tell me nothing!
    Dare you, get by yourself, none of the crowd with you, turn off the music and your hype, get on your knees. That’s right tough guy, on your knees, and here’s what you can ask. But I doubt you will do it, you ain’t got what it takes.

    “Jesus Christ, I am on my knees, o.k., here I am. So your real Man? Show me. Stop all this once and for all doubt, wondering, scam I hear from so many that I don’t trust what they are saying and MAKE YOURSELF REAL TO ME!!!! This part you can shout to the top of your lungs if you prefer.
    See I didn’t believe either. I did not come to Jesus in a church or with someone praying with me, yeah, can you believe that?
    So you angry? Mad at a lot of people, yeah, I remember too. So, you got what it takes to do it one on one with Jesus? Like they say, “bring it on!”

  26. I would just like to leave a comment saying congrats Steve on making a great video and to say to all the non-believers out there reading this – you guys are always looking for answers to disprove the bible and my religion, but you fail to realise, Christianity is not about proof (though there is plenty for those willing to look) it’s about FAITH, nothing you can say can make a true Christian doubt what Jesus did and is doing in there lives. If God struck down every sinner then ofcourse people would believe He existed and repent, but where’s the belief in that? Faith is all you need, so don’t be made disheartened by what mere people say!! Also for those people rejecting the Holy Spirit, well you obviously never truly had it, because if you had then you’d realise it is far too awesome and powerful to simply deny. Jesus lives!!!! Amen!!

  27. Great job brother,
    I wish i could send a video but i don’t have the technology. Anyone who does have it please send videos. And if there’s any blasphemers out there who deny Christ, test His existence by continually asking Him to reveal Himself to you in His mercy. Some of you are going to get blasted with the power!

  28. I don’t understand all of the cheers for your video. You don’t say anything insightful or produce any evidence for why we should believe in God. Your “evidence” is to look in the sky and should convince you there’s a god. Huh?

    Surely a Muslim could make the same claims you made in this video. Who’s to say they aren’t right? What proof do you have that your notion of a Christian god. In your video, you could replace “God” with “Allah” and “Jesus” with “Mohammad” and it would have the same evidence and credibility: zero.

    From Paul Diamond’s feedback on February 15th, 2007 at 6:38 pm:

    > I love to see atheists backslide. I have seen many backslide
    > to agnostics. Many to full fleged Christians. All I said was
    > which came first the male or the female; the honeybees or the
    > drones; the eye or the eyesockets? Also, how do you know a painter
    > exists if you see a painting? You know there had to be a painter.
    > Even though you don’t see the painter, a painter had to exist.
    > Logic tells you so. If there is a building there has to be a builder.
    > Since there is creation, there has to be a creator. Logic tells
    > you so.

    This passes for logic for you guys? How do you function in your day-to-day lives if this is an example of your reasoning abilities?

    Let’s assume for a moment that this is a stellar logical argument. Well let’s follow it to it’s logical conclusion: “Since there is a creation, there has to be a creator. Logic tells you so…” And since there is a creator, someone must have created him. So, some sort of uber-creator? A God for God?

    Please don’t bother responding, I’ve heard all of the “counter-arguments” before. “God doesn’t have a creator, he’s just God”, “God exists out of space and time, he’s just different”. “God has always been there.” If you can accept that, why not accept that the universe has always been there, say?

    If you cannot see the flaw in this kind of logic then you are lost. I would actually respect someone who says they do see the flaw in the logic and still choose to believe. But if someone says they don’t even understand the argument then they do not possess a mind that can reason and think.

    I’m sorry, but until I see some actual evidence that God exists, I will assume that he doesn’t. I take this same approach with everything — Zeus, Thor, Allah, Santa Claus, fairies, …

  29. Please don’t bother responding, I’ve heard all of the “counter-arguments” before. “God doesn’t have a creator, he’s just God”, “God exists out of space and time, he’s just different”. “God has always been there.”


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